The ghost blade:

The first titan you meet is the ghost blade, a fairly powerful and threatening snake, the ghost blade can teleport to a certain point and heal slightly, the Ghost blade can also remove the pulse shocker effect and can clone themselves to confuse the target.

The snake samurai:

 The snake samurai is a very common titan in Dawn of the bounty hunter, the snake samurai can block projectiles with his/her own katana or with his/her very own armor, the snake samurai is also fairly slow, due to the heavy armor they wear.

The guardian:

 A zezom with mechanical feet, built by Ruthless Redfang, the guardian is very deadly, it can come with a rocket launcher or turrets, though most guardians don't have any weapons except legs and teeth to avoid being so expensive. But the guardian is pretty common and very dangerous, the mechanical legs can pierce a human skull.

The necromancer:

  A snake that can charge up his staff and release pulsing amounts of energy, they can also be pyromaniac and burn anything that comes close. Necromancers are blind, but they listen in well upon clumsy footsteps and breathing. Also: the reason why there aren't many necromancers in this book is because they're overpowered, but they would work for a hefty amount of money.


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