Simple questions:


Will you reply to this question?



How old am I?

According to your comment, I say 2 days old.


Is this a simple question?

*Points up*





May I copy this book?



 What do snakes eat?

We drink venom and eat animals. 


Why does Balro get the spotlight?

He deserves it.


How did you get this idea?!

I'm a nerd.


What rhymes with techno?

Heck no


Who ate my cake?

Ask that giant zezom over there.



Is that a question? 


Who is the bounty hunter?




Serious questions:

Where did you get these ideas from?

Well, for this book, I played a game called ''Oddworld, Stranger's Wrath'' it was good, 4 1/2 out of 5, I decided to make a book about you being a bounty hunter. You should play oddworld, it's good. AND NO, I DID NOT COPY IT!

Oddworld, Stranger's wrath, rated T for teen.  By: Oddworld Inhabitants


Why do you like snakes?

They're the most common reptile on the world, however, they're probably a little less common then lizards, but snakes are the most mentioned animal in the world, look, Medusa was created about... I don't know, In the Olympic age, and yet Medusa is still seen now, still mentioned, still alive... 


How many books will you make?

We shall see... All I can tell you though, is that my last book is about my avatar (whose name is Zanzos), it's going to be almost like this book, and my last book will also have several characters from every book (or just the main characters.) I can't promise that it will have every character from every book however.


What is the meaning of books?

To insert knowledge within the human mind, or just a common past time, to both the author and the reader. While movies can explain movement without words, there is one thing movies can not, and that is: books depend on how fast you read, unlike movies who read for you, in which, is easy to sleep during the middle of the movie.


Do you have a brother?

Yes, I do, and he is a cat. Though not in reality, but me and him... equal yin and yang, he makes movies, I make books, he is taller, I am shorter, he is faster, I am slower, etc. Remember Balro? I got the idea of snakes and panthers by me and my brother's ''behavior''


Why use weebly for the Alpha Howl library?

Yola only allows me to have five websites, I'll use Weebly for the final hour...


Did you learn a lesson while writing this book?

Yes, I learned to start off small and slow to rise to the top, for example: for an adult to be an adult, they must be born. then they grow up and start to go to preschool, then they march on to elementary school, then middle school, and then high school, and then collage, and after they graduate, you're no longer a kid nor teenager, you're an adult!


Will your last book be about Balro and everyone else killing Pheonix?

No, it will be about Zanzos, the book before that might be about you killing Pheonix or Nepmoon, why should I spoil though? I just want to capture and contain your entertainment. And Zanzos might not be my last book... 

What does Zanzos look like and whats the last book called? 

 Best drawing I did with paint.avi ever. This will answer your question.


Whats a zezom?

A zezom is basically a rectangular hairball with two adult teeth on the bottom jaw, the Alpha Howl library will explain the rest.


Who is Zanzos?

My avatar of course, a green snake with red eyes.


What cartoons do you like?

Well, I like: Bambi, Balto, Lady and the tramp, Lion king, Fox and the hound, 101 Dalmatians, The jungle book, Aristocats,  Rio, Monster Inc, Avatar the last air bender, the penguins of Madagascar, Megamind,  the legend of Korra, etc.


What cartoons do you dislike?

Alpha and Omega (yes, just because I like wolves doesn't mean I have to honor them to much) and Bee movie. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. AND DEFINITELY PONIES.


Will you make a book with ponies?


Why did the gods put us on Earth?

Two things, see our worth, or/and entertain them, and entertain them we shall.






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