Before we begin our tale, first, take a moment to customize your character, the hero in this tale is you, so take a moment to customize your wolf, what color is the fur? What color of is the eyes? Gender and name are yours. Enjoy the book!


Chapter 1

      Rise of the bounty hunter


You wake and stretch from your bed. And as usual, you do your daily chores, you brush your teeth, clean your crossbow, and count your Yullie. (Yullie is your town's currency). Once you gone outside, there was more wanted posters on the news board than usual. You locked your house door and go over to it. You count five wanted posters. You grabbed one and read it.


Joel Dragonteeth

Crime: Robs people for Yullie

Male, devil cat, orange fur, red eyes.

Bounty: alive: Y.995 | Dead: Y. 705

Return: Jake, bounty store, Jakullie

Last seen: Wyvern teeth entrance


Your eyes grew in size once you saw the bounty. You had your crossbow armed but it wasn't loaded, and the citizens and guards don't mind you due to you helped your town named Jakullie (Jack-youll-ie). You grabbed the wanted poster, folded it, and put it in one of your pockets.  You checked your crossbow for a minute. It seemed to smile at you while you were staring at it. You put it down and head toward the front gate. You knew where Wyvern teeth cavern was. Once you reached the gate, the gate keeper smiled at you. ''Well, g'day bounty hunter''. Greeted the gate keeper. ''Good day''. You replied slowly. ''Out to do more bounties, no?'' Asked the gate keeper. ''Yes, do you mind opening the gate?'' You asked. ''That ain't no problem, what's your name 'gain?'' Asked the gate keeper. You sigh.

''My name is-''

''Never mind, I remember now.''

The front gate opened on the right. ''Good luck out there' Said the gate keeper. You go outside of Jakullie and make a run toward Wyvern teeth cavern.


Chapter 2

  Wyvern teeth entrance.


 Wyvern teeth entrance... you used to go here on short breaks wen you were young. Wyvern teeth entrance (as you remember) had a giant serpent statue in between two wolf statues, the wolf statue on the left was named 'Balro' and the right was named 'Crypto'. Once you walked up to the chins of the serpent and the wolves, you breath heavily. Your crossbow was now loaded with a common Jakullie arrow. You heard a growl coming from the serpent. You aim your crossbow at the serpent's mouth. Out came a snake. ''Ssssssso... your that bounty hunter, coming to ssssssstop Joel?'' Asked the snake. ''But of course.'' You replied. The snake landed on the ground and pulled out two swords. ''Come on out boysssssss! Letsssssss teach thisssssss bounty hunter a lesssssssson!'' Said the snake. You fire at the snake's heart. It hit him but he didn't die, he was still standing. The snake charged at you. Your crossbow reloaded and you ran to the right. The snake yelled furiously. You fired at the snake's back. It hit him and the snake showed a sign of pain and injury. You reload your crossbow an kill shot the snake. The snake screamed and died flat on is stomach. You felt pain on your back. You glance where the pain had breached. An arrow was in your back. You pull it out and started looked around. Some snakes on high stone platforms were pointing crossbows at you. ''This is all you got?'' You asked. A large red snake was on the center platform. ''Yes, this is all, enough to kill you though.'' Said the red snake. ''Sorry, but it's gong to take more than a thousand to take me down.'' You said. 'We'll see about that.'' Said the red snake. You aim your crossbow at the red snake and fire at his chest It hit him and he grunted in pain. ''What are you doing you idiots?! Fire at him!'' Yelled the red snake. All the snakes started firing at you. You quickly ran behind one of the wolf statues as cover. A storm of arrows hit the ground, causing a loud clank noise every arrow. You aim your crossbow quickly at one of the crossbow snakes and fire. It managed to hit him, and he die instantly. '' You might as well give up, this is going to take forever!'' You yelled. ''Not a chance pup! I suggest you give up!'' Yelled the red snake, through all the clattering from the arrows. You armed your crossbow with a mini-dagger shooter. You aim at one of the snakes and fired at his head. (The tiny daggers were weak, but they reload fast and are also silent killers.) You went out of cover for a second to fire at a snake. You aim, than fire fire two daggers at a random snake. both of the daggers hit him, the first shot injured him, than the second shot finished him off. The red snake hissed. "You idiots! send out somebody to draw him out of cover!" Said the red snake. You reloaded your primary crossbow barrel and aim at one of the warrior snakes charging at you. But then, you had an idea. Once the warrior snake reached you, you pulled him behind the cover and started beating him up a bit. "Stop! I submit!" Begged the warrior snake. You lifted the snake and used him as a body shield. You got out of cover and marched forward slowly with the snake in your grip. The arrow storm finally stopped. "So, are you going to submit or die?" You asked. "You fool, To bypass your body shield, we only have to attack from the sides." Said the red snake. You aimed below the left platform and fire at it. An explosive barrel was below those platforms. Your arrow hit it and it exploded. You aimed at the right platform and fired three daggers at the explosive barrel. Once two hit the barrel and the platform exploded, a corpse almost landed on you. You aim at the red snake. ''Just let me through.'' You said. The snake snuffed. ''You maybe skilled, but you don't stand a chance against m-'' The red snake got crushed by a platform. You let go of the snake you were using as a body shield. ''Whoops! My bad!'' Said Joel Dragonteeth, chuckling as he came down from the platform. '' I was expecting you to be more of a coward.'' You said, reloading your crossbow. ''Is that so?'' Asked Joel, raising a tiny gun that fitted his paw. You raise your crossbow at him. ''How about you just come with me?'' You asked. ''I ain't goin' back to prison.'' Said Joel. ''Then let's do this the hard way.'' You said, arming your crossbow with daze arrows and stun daggers. (Which stun a target if they get hit enough, they do not kill, they only paralyze the target) Joel ran behind a pillar and fired a dagger at you, you dodge. ''Bring it on bounty hunter! I ain't goin' anywhere but the bank after your death!'' Yelled Joel. You shot a daze arrow at Joel. He ran behind the pillar. You ran behind the pillar and shot a stun dagger at Joel. It hit him, but Joel still had his eyes opened. Joel fired a dagger at you. It hit you and it was pretty effective. You pulled out a heart healer ( A red shot that you stab your heart with, it makes you feel a whole lot better.) And stabbed your heart, you felt a whole lot healthier. Joel fired a dagger at you. You dodge and fired an arrow at him. It hit him and his eyes were half closed. Joel leaped toward cover. You went behind Joel's cover and shot him with two stun daggers. Once the two daggers hit him, he fell to the ground with his eyes closed. You smile. ''Sweat dreams.'' You said. You stab Joel with a garnjurn (A garnjurn is a little knife that you stab through bodies, it teleports them to a location with a touch of a button, however, teleporting someone will break the garnjurn.) You check your crossbow for the button to teleport Joel to you. Then you started running back to Jakullie.


Chapter 3

Meet Jake and Jack


You enter the bounty store. ''Oh hello, you here for a bounty?'' Asked Jake.''You new here?'' You asked. ''Yes, so, you want a bounty?'' Asked Jake. You put Joel's wanted poster on his desk. ''You got Joel Dragonteeth?'' Asked Jake. You nod. You pushed the button on your crossbow and Joel teleported to where your crossbow was pointing. (Which is right near you.) '' Is he alive?'' Asked Jake. You nod. ''Well! Nicely done bounty hunter!'' congratulated Jake. ''Thanks, now... the Yullie?'' You asked, putting your hand out. Jake put the Yullie in your paw. Nine hundred fifty five Yullie. You smile as the golden currency shined. You thanked Jake and went over to the Jack's arrow store.

Once you entered Jack's arrow store. He smiled at the sight of you. ''Well, hello bounty hunter! How's my 'number one' hunte' goin'?'' Jack asked. ''That 'bounty hunter' is doing fine.'' You replied. ''So, you here to buy that poison arrow?'' Jack asked. You nodded. ''Tough luck, kid, we're sold out.'' Said Jack. You stomped roughly on the wooden ground. Jack showed a temporary sign of fear.''Well, that's okay, do you have any more arrows?'' You asked. '' We sure do!'' Replied Jack. Jack put down a ton of arrows. ''Smeltiers make fine pieces of art.'' Said Jack. ''Impressive, but what is the Smeltier's best piece of work?'' You asked. Jack frowned. ''It's this.'' Jack replied. Jack put down an arrow that had a soft rock at the front, red feathers at the end, and the body was a shining rod. You grab the arrow to feel it. ''What's it name and what does it do?'' You asked. ''It's called the 'Clockwork battle arrow', if it lands on a surface than it'll pull everyone toward it and explode! Plus, if it lands on skin, then it'll push everyone away and it'll... EXPLODE!'' Said Jack. ''Impressive... how much does it cost?'' You asked. ''It's fifty percent off, only fifty thousand Yullie.'' Said Jack. ''FIFTY THOUSAND YULLIE?!'' You yelled. Jack backed away two feet. ''IT'S FIFTY PERCENT OFF! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!'' Yelled Jack. You calm down and breath deeply. ''How long will it last?'' You asked. ''Fifty days.'' Replied Jack. Fifty days? That's enough.'' You replied. ''Hope so!'' Said Jack. ''Got any other stuff for sale?'' You asked. Jack nodded. ''We got heart healers, pulse shockers, arrows, daggers, bullets, and clockwork guns.'' Said Jack. ''I'd like pulse shockers please'' You said. ''How much?'' Jack asked. ''Five''. You replied.  Jack put down five pulse shockers as you said. (Pulse shockers are like health healers, except they temporarily put a static shield around you, you'll feel so good, you maybe even get hit by an explosive arrow and you will still remain unharmed.) You paid Jack the amount of Yullie you owed him and left the store.



Chapter 4

  Wolverine infestation


You went over to the news board and collect the next wanted poster. You read it and make sure the bounty was worth it.


Zahck Jernifline (title: the heartless)

Crime: Raids towns, villages, and cities.

Male, Wolverine, brown fur, red eyes, black claws, no heart.

Bounty: Alive: Y.1,590 | Dead: Y.1,100

Return: Jake, Jakullie, bounty store.

Last seen: Cobra fang city


Your eyes glittered and rang 'cha-ching!' once you saw that bounty. Even though... a wolverine was dangerous, you were probably going to have to kill him if it means so. You fold the poster and put it in your pocket and go to the gate keeper again. The gate keeper didn't show any emotion as you approached, he just opened the gate. You ran toward Cobra fang city.



Chapter 5

   Cobra fang city.


Cobra fang city...It's been a long time since you were here, Cobra fang city was the capital city to all snakes everywhere. Once you gotten to the front gate of the city, it was busted down real good. You stepped over the gate and walk into the city. Wolverine's started glancing at you, the city was full of wolverine, but no snakes. ''You're far from Jakullie... wolf...'' Said a wolverine, licking his lips. You reloaded your crossbow. ''And you are far from Hades'' You replied. Two wolverine charged at you. You fired an arrow at the wolverine on the left. Got him. He aim and fire two daggers at the right one. Got him too. You glance up to where Zahck was standing. "Impressive, but are you tough enough to take us ALL on?'' Asked Zahck. ''That'll be unfair, how about I take on your little companions before you?'' You asked.  ''Life is unfair kid, don't delay your death, come on boys! let's whoop some wolf butt!'' Yelled Zahck. Zahck armed a paw gun on his two paws and fired at you. You dodged and ran into a store and close the door. I got to find a way to get up to the point Zahck is... You thought to yourself. You looked around the store, not for loot but for something to get higher up the building. You were only able to find some stairs. You climbed up the stairs and on to the next floor. ''Come on out bounty hunter! I'm starting to grow impatient!'' Yelled Zahck, the voice muffled because of the slightly opened windows. You peak behind the corner of the stairs, a bunch of wolverine were eating snake, devil cat, and zezom corpses. One looked up and sniffed the air, than glance at you. You hastily tuck your head behind the corner. ''I thought I saw something.'' Said the wolverine. You could just imagine another wolverine raising his head from his meal and glancing at the stairs.''You certain?'' Asked another wolverine. You started hearing foot steps approaching. You reload your crossbow and prepare it. Once one wolverine showed up, you accidentally fired at his head. ''What the?!'' Gasped the other wolverine. You quickly ran upstairs and fired at the other wolverine. You started hearing explosions shortly after the wolverines deaths. ''Keep ramming that door!'' Ordered Zahck. You ran up stairs, the rest of the rooms were empty. Once you got up on the last floor, you look down at the door. Without a doubt, they were trying to ram the door down. You glanced to the right, another roof, you leap over there. ''No! Over there you fools! '' Yelled Zahck. Once you landed on the roof, it instantly shattered and fell to the next floor. You sigh in relief that your alright. ''We've almost got all the loot! soon, we can leave boys!'' Yelled Zahck.You charged down to he bottom floor and leap out of the window to the next building on the right.

Once you landed into the next building, you gone up a floor and leaped out and on the little bridge Zahck was standing on. ''So, are you going to submit and take it easy on yourself?'' You asked Zahck. ''Not a chance bounty hunter, I got all this loot, and I'm not willing to die now!'' Said Zahck. Zahck raised his paw and pulled out his claws. You ready your crossbow. ''Don't fire boys! This is my fight!'' Ordered Zahck. Zahck took of his paw guns and started charging at you. You fired two shots than jumped over him once he passed by. The shots hit him. Zahck turned around and started charging again. You reloaded your crossbow with a daze arrow and fired it at Zahck. It hit him. But he still was charging at the same thrust. You loaded your crossbow with stun daggers. Once Zahck started charging at you, you fired three stun daggers at him. All of them hit him. You jumped over Zahck and reloaded your crossbow with a daze arrow. You fire one more time at Zahck. Once it hit him, Zahck did started clumsily walk around, but than, he just jumped off the bridge. You glance up. All the wolverines just stared at Zahck's corpse.


All the wolverines started running around like crazy. You ignore them and went to the bottom. Once you were at the bottom, you stabbed Zahck's corpse with a garnjurn then head for Jakullie.


Chapter 6

 First dead bounty


Once you get to Jake's bounty store, you lay down Zahck's wanted poster. ''Zahck? Already?' Jake asked. You teleport Zahck's corpse in front of you. ''Dead or alive?'' Asked Jake. ''Dead.' You replied. Jake didn't look happy but he gave you your Yullie anyway. One thousand and one hundred Yullie. You snatch the Yullie and head home with a frown on your face.


Chapter 7


You close the door behind your back, it was night. And every night, you always hear the cry of your ancestors. Why? You might ask? You always try to forget, but every since your first ancestor was born, he was cursed by Pheonix, and now, every ancestor that dies is now in a cell in the demon lands, begging to be released and rest in peace. Pheonix kept telling one of your new born ancestors to give him the most impressive arrow, and it was Pheonix that gave you that crossbow ever since. 

You stow away your crossbow and brush your teeth. Then head to bed. 


Chapter 8

  Deadly choker


You wake up, and do your daily chores, then head outside to see Jake's new wanted posters.



Nella Panzan

Crime: Chokes people for Yullie

Female, Panther, black fur, sharp claws, sharp fangs, grey eyes

Bounty: Alive: Y.1,905 | Dead: Y.1,595

Return: Jake, bounty store, Jakullie

Last seen: Wyvern teeth temple.


You remain silent, but your eyes gave away a smile at the bounty. You reload your crossbow. Let's do this! You thought to yourself. You put the wanted poster in your pocket and make a run toward the Wyvern teeth entrance.



Chapter 9

 Wyvern teeth temple.

You run past the serpent statue and the two wolf statues and run up the platform, toward the temple. But once you got inside, a giant stone gate closed behind you, and torches started lighting up. You load your crossbow and march forward.  A cold breeze went up your spine the closer you stepped into blinding darkness. You started hearing footsteps, you aim your crossbow at the source. A panther leaped at you, you fired at it within the air. Got him, another panther leaped at you, you quickly aim your crossbow at him and fire three daggers, got him too. You reload your primary arrow and daggers and continue marching forth.

You decent into one room with torches lit well. Four panthers leaped toward you, you aim your crossbow at one and fire your primary arrow, then fired two daggers at  another panther. You quickly aimed at one of the panthers that was COMING DOWN AT YOU! You stab yourself with a vortex sender (the vortex sender makes you explode a bluish explosion that pushes away enemies, and causes slight burning to them, however, these are very expensive and weaken thus who stabs them self with it.) The two panthers were pushed away but you felt your heart beating slowly. You stab yourself with a heart healer and got up. ''Nice try, but now you've gotten yourselves in a lot of trouble...''' You said. The panthers cocked there heads slightly to the left then leaped at you. You quick drawn your crossbow (which was reloaded during your public speech) and aimed at one of the panthers, you fired two daggers at him, then fired your primary arrow at the other one. You stare as the two panther's corpses slammed against the ground. You move on to the next room...

The next room had a giant wolf skull on the front, ''So... You came to kill Nella?'' Asked a panther behind a chair. ''Not kill, bounty...''' You reply. ''The wolf that gave you this bounty is a fool... he's using you.'' Said the panther. ''And I'm using him, to get more Yullie.'' You replied. ''Is that so? Well... I don't think you should trust him...'' Said the panther. ''Stand out of my way panther...'' You demanded. ''I ain't, I'm just telling you... warning you... that soon, the bounty hunter is going to be... the hunted... '' Replied the panther. You pass by the panther without saying a word... What if he was right? What if Jake was using you? And soon, he'll use you to kill innocent... You needed to think  about this...


You walked into the next room. Many panthers dropped in front of you, wearing cloth in front of there mouths and some stubbed leather armor. ''Jin Kil Soi, Firu Ton shie?'' Asked the panther. ''What?'' You asked quickly. ''Juo tinshi!'' The panther yelled. All the panthers started charging. You aimed your crossbow at them and fired four darts and a primary arrow randomly. You were only able to kill four out of ten. You reloaded your crossbow and once again fired randomly at them, four daggers and your primary arrow. It once again killed four. You reloaded and fired two daggers at the lead panther, then three at the other panther. Both of them died slowly. You reloaded your crossbow and moved on.

After climbing up and down stairs and platforms, the next room was large, two platforms high on the left and right of you once you walked in the room. A panther landed in front of you. With white cloth in front of her mouth and white leather armor. ''Who be thus who enters my royal domain?'' Asked the panther. It sounded like a female. ''It's the bounty hunter who is going to jail you in for some Yullie.'' You replied. ''Do you know who I am?'' Asked the panther. You knew who that panther was... Nella Panzan...''Yes.'' You replied. ''Good to know, and what was my charge? or charges?'' Asked Nella demanded. ''You choke people for Yullie'' You replied. ''For Yullie? no, but choking... yes'' Said Nella, leaped up at one of the high platforms. Nella tossed a grenade at you, you dodged. And a white gas cloud came from where the grenade exploded. Nella threw some more grenades at you. You dodged them and fired your primary arrow at her. Hit her. You forgot to arm your stun daggers and daze arrows though! You took a second to arm the stun daggers. A grenade hit you and you felt like puking. You aimed blindly out of the gas cloud and took more seconds to breath. That is it! She has got to go! even if it means killing her! You thought to yourself. You fired several stun daggers toward Nella. She dodged. You fired your daze arrow either, got her. You reloaded your crossbow with a normal arrow and normal daggers. Nella leaped to the other platform. You fired an arrow at her. She dodged. She tossed a grenade at you, you dodged but the grenade's gas cloud effected you for several seconds. Your lungs felt like they were bursting, like you needed to puke. You breathed heavily but kept firing at Nella to keep her busy. ''Submit... ''Submit...'' Nella said. ''I have to bounty you, even if it means dying for it.'' You replied. ''Why?'' Asked Nella. ''To free my ancestors.'' You replied. ''Liar...'' Nella muttered. You quick drawn your crossbow and fired an arrow at Nella. Hit her in the face, she was still alive... Nella pulled out the arrow. ''That's how you want it?'' She asked. Nella jumped down. ''It's the way it should be.'' You replied, reloading your crossbow. You fired four stun daggers at her. She dodged all. She started running toward you. You fired a daze arrow at her. Got her. You reloaded and fired five stun daggers in any possible direction she can dodge at. She attempted to dodge but she got hit by one. You fired a daze arrow at her. Got her, but she was still running. You reloaded your normal arrow and fired at her. Got her and she slid along the stone ground. Leaving dust behind her trail. ''Darn'' You sighed. Should've fired a daze arrow, now she's dead... You stab her corpse with a garnjurn and took a shortcut out of the temple.


Chapter 10

  A dead panther.


You entered Jake's store. ''Well, who di' ya' get this time?'' Asked Jake. You laid down Nella's wanted poster. ''Ol' Nella? She deserved it, you did the right thing in killing her.'' Said Jake. You were surprised. ''How did you know?'' You asked. Jake smiled. ''Nella is tough, she is immune to being dazed.'' Said Jake. That made you start cheering up and not feeling like a complete idiot on making your last shot a kill shot. Jake handed over the Yullie and you handed over the corpse. You headed on to the news board.



Chapter 11

 A poacher?


You observed the wanted poster you randomly grabbed from the news board.



Loikus Weozer

Crime: Poaches poor zezoms

Male, snake, dark green scales, rifle named ''Kill jockey'', lone snake.

Bounty: Alive: Y.2,595 | Dead: Y.2,095

Return: Jake, bounty store, Jakuillie

Last seen: Magmor forest.


You waste no time. You zoomed to the front gate, but then, you heard someone sobbing. You hesitated and walked slowly toward the wolf that was crying. ''Whats the matter bud?'' You asked. ''Someone kidnapped my little pup!'' Said the sobbing wolf slowly. ''By who?'' You asked. ''A snake, male, long rifle, and dark green scales.'' Explained the sobbing wolf. ''I was after him, I'll go find your little pup'' You said. ''Oh thank you! I'll give you one thousand Yullie if you bring her back alive!'' Said the wolf, wiping away the tears. You ran toward the north gate. And I thought he was a poacher, not a kidnapper. Once you got to the gate keeper, he smiled warmly.

''Well howdy bounty hunter, hows that bounty hunting going?''

''It's going fine, just bagged in Nella''

''Nella?! Nella Panzan!? Wow! You're a legend!''

''Thanks, now, can you open that gate? I'm going to find Loikus.''

''No problem!''

The gate keeper opened the gate. ''Good luck out there'' Said the gate keeper. You waved good bye and went toward Magmor forest.



Chapter 12

  Avenge those little critters!

Magmor forest was a beautiful forest, vines hung off the trees, animals roamed about the enchanted grass of the forest, it was a shame there was soon going to be some chaos going around. You peaked around, it was a small forest. You ran toward where smoke was coming from. Once you reached the smoke, it was just a bunch of panthers. You ran toward another smoke signal. Bulls eye! There he was, a lone snake with his rifle. You closed on in. Once you slithered behind a tree, you heard him muttering to himself.

''Ha! Now that I kidnapped an emerald pup, I could sell her for millions and retire from poaching zezoms, her skin is worth six times as more than zezoms! I-''

You heard a gun click and thunder. A bullet shot through the tree. ''Come on out wolf, I smell you...'' You walked out in the open. ''Fine nose you got there, and your little word ''wolf'', but I'm afraid you're going to have to be bagged away behind bars.'' You said. ''Have you ever dragged away a snake before? we're three times harder then an elephant! you stand no chance!'' Yelled Loikus. ''That is what they all say...''' You replied, preparing your crossbow to be fired. Loikus aimed his gun at you and fired. You rolled to the right and fired at him. Hit him. ''Fine! Then let's play this hardcore style!'' Loikus yelled. Loikus fired at the ground beneath you. You jumped and Loikus started slithering to a wooden gate. You fired at Loikus. The gate closed behind Loikus and the arrow hit the gate. ''Come out Loikus!'' You yelled. ''no!'' Loikus replied. Several wooden gates at the sides opened up. Several tiny snakes came out of them, armed with crossbows, black swords on there backs, shiny iron gloves, black steel chest plates, and obsidian helmets. This'll be no problem. You aimed your crossbow at one on the right and fired your primary arrow, got him. You hid behind cover, a rain of arrows started hitting everything around you. This calls for the first pulse shocker. You pull out a pulse shocker and stab yourself with it. Once you felt so charged up with electricity, you went out in the open and fired arrows and daggers at the snake. You counted and killed about... one hundred percent of the snakes before the pulse shocker wore off. ''Fine shooting, but now, we meet face to face!'' Yelled Loikus, coming out with Kill Jockey in his hands. ''Wheres your manner boy? you should be lying down right now!'' Yelled Loikus, pointing the rifle down at you. Loikus fired his rifle, you dodged and fired two daggers at him. They reflected. Loikus reloaded his rifle and fired again at you. You jumped and it hit the dirt below you. You fired an arrow at Loikus. It hit him straight in the chest. Loikus reloaded, without reaction to the arrow in his chest, and fired at you. It hit you this time. You grunted and crouched toward the pain. Blood streamed down from the wound. You stab yourself with a heart healer, and the fur regrew on the wound. You got up and fired an arrow at Loikus' head. You fired but he ducked. Loikus smiled and stuck his tongue at you while he was reloading. Once he reloaded, he aimed and fired at you. You dodged. ''Whoops! My rifle is overheating! Be right back bounty hunter! don't go anywhere...'' Said Loikus, slithering back to the gate. The gates on the sides opened up and only four snakes on each side came out. You fired four daggers and your primary arrow at the ones at the right. Two died, one wounded. You reloaded and fired more at the right. Killed them both. An arrow hit your back, your vision became all bloody. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and felt good again. You concentrated at the left snakes. You stab yourself with a vortex sender and charged at the snakes. Once you reached them, you exploded. You quickly stabbed yourself with a heart healer and got up. All of them were burnt. ''Now! We meet face to face with a little taste of clockwork power!'' Yelled Loikus, coming out of the gate with a... CLOCKWORK GUN! Loikus pulled the trigger and two green beams of his life started going into the green, rusted, gun. You fired three daggers at Loikus and an arrow. Daggers reflected but primary arrow hit him. A pinging noise came from the gun! I NEED HIM CAPTURED! DEAD OR ALIVE! NOT JUST A BUNCH OF ASH! You thought to yourself. You equipped daze arrows and stun daggers and fired them all. The stun daggers managed to hit him, and Loikus's eyes were half closed. A ping noise came from Loikus's clockwork gun. He aimed at you and the gun started glowing green. You reloaded and fired all again. Loikus released the trigger and fell to the floor on his back, eyes closed, and gun out of hand. You wiped sweat off of you. You stabbed Loikus body with a garnjurn, then just remembered. The emerald wolf! You pulled open the gates. Inside was a lot of boxes. ''Come out little pup, you're safe.'' You called out. You saw eyes peer out but then were pulled back behind a box. You smiled. ''Don't worry, you can come out, I'll return you back home...'' You said softly. The young girl walked out. Once the young green pup approached you, you crouched down with a smile on your face. ''How old are you young girl?'' You asked. ''One year old, dog year.'' She replied. You wanted to reply but you heard a random explosion in the distance. ''Alright, let's get you back home, we better hasten up.'' You said. The pup seemed to nod but didn't. You picked up the pup with your mouth and moved back to Jakullie.

Once you reached Jakullie, the sobbing wolf smiled. You released the pup and she sprinted toward her father. They rubbed their faces against each other, you smiled at this sight of love. The father looked up at you and approached you. ''Thank you...'' Said the father, handing over the one thousand Yullie in your paw.'' The father and pup started going home. You shake your head to clear out the memories, what were you doing?! you had work to do! You held up Loikus's wanted poster, and head to Jake's bounty store.

You entered Jake's bounty store. ''Well hello bounty hunter! I heard Loikus was taken care of!'' Said Jake.You nod. You pressed the button on your crossbow and there came Loikus's paralyzed body. ''Dead or alive?'' Asked Jake. ''Alive'' You replied. Jake smiled. ''Well done.'' He said, handing over two thousand, five hundred, ninety  five Yullie. You put away the Yullie and head on home.


Chapter 13

   He was...


You wake up and do your daily chores. Then go outside your house, locked your front door, and approached the wanted board. But once you got a closer look, you snatch the wanted poster off the board and stared in horror.



Gilium Huiliom

Crime: Robbing for Yullie.

Male, wolf, black fur, grey fur.

Bounty: Alive DEAD: Y.90,595| Dead: Y.90,595.

Return: Jake, bounty store, Jakullie

Last seen: Jakullie liberty spire.


He... He can't do that! Gilium was the president of Jakullie! You just realized now, the panther's words echoed in your head,

The wolf that gave you this bounty is a fool, he's using you...

he's using you...

he's using you...

he's using you...

using you...

You marched toward the Jakullie liberty spire.

When you marched inside two wolves growled at you. ''What are you doing here bounty hunter?'' One asked. ''I'm here to report something, I'll not be here for long.'' You replied. The two wolves eased and you passed by them. You marched up the stairs to the top floor. Once you reached the top floor, you unequipped your crossbow. You needed to do that in order to dare walk up to the president. Once you walked up to the president, you bowed before Gilium. ''At ease bounty hunter, what is it?'' Gilium asked. You stood up and showed him the wanted poster. Gilium took a second to read and his eyes grew as he read on. ''Jake gave this to you?'' Asked Gilium. ''Yes''. You replied, nodding three times. 'This is outrageous, that many Yullie to murder me? You did the right thing to turn this in to me instead of accepting it.'' Gillum looked outside the spire window. ''Go to Jake... Tell him that he is fired of his job.'' Said Gilium. ''Alright sir.'' You said. You walked away, grabbed your crossbow on the way out and exit the spire.

You enter Jake's bounty store. ''You don't look to good, something happened?'' Asked Jake. You slammed Gilium's wanted poster on the desk. ''What is this?'' You asked. Jake looked down at it, sweat poured down his forehead, and he shrugged. You put your two paws on the desk and started scraping the wood, chippings and scraps reacted to your paws. Jake started backing up. ''You are fired from your job...'' You said slowly. ''What?! You can't do that!'' Said Jake, head toward the gate to the front desk. You point your crossbow at Jake. ''Get out...'' You said slowly. Jake looked mad for a second and he walked out of the building. ''You'll regret this! Jakullie will soon fall and yield to my paws! YOU HEAR ME?!'' Yelled Jake, outside. You sigh and exit the building as well.

You enter Jack's arrow store. ''Hello bounty hunter! Heard Jake just outside yell, what just happened?'' Jack asked. ''Jake made Gilium a bounty.'' You replied. ''Did he? Well, I guess I can guess the rest, so... who is going to give you bounties now?'' Jack asked. You shrugged. Jack's telephone rang. Jack picked it up. ''Hello? Oh! It's you Gilium... yes... the bounty hunter is here... Whats that? Well... alright...'' Jack let go of the phone. ''Gilium wants you over to the spire.'' Jack said. ''What for?'' You asked. ''Retribution.'' Jack replied. What? What did I do?! ''Punishment or reward?'' You asked. ''Reward'' Jack replied. You sighed with relief. ''Alright... I'm going.'' You replied. You exit the building.

You stowed away your crossbow on a weapon rack and approached Gilium. ''I thank you for informing me about Jake's little mis-bounty.'' Said Gilium. ''It wasn't all that hard.'' You replied. ''As reward, I decided to give you a little sauce.'' Gilium said. ''What do you mean? Yuillie?'' You asked. Gilium nodded. ''Twenty thousand Yuillie.'' Gilium said. ''TWENTY THOUSAND?!'' You gasped. Gilium nodded and stuck out his paw with the Yullie. You reached out toward it. But once you were about to grab it, an explosion emitted. ''What?!'' Gilium gasped. You heard gunshots outside. You and Gilium looked outside. ''No...'' Gilium gasped.


Chapter 14

     Vash Hisser's siege.


''Who is that?'' You asked. A dark green snake with a double barreled shotgun was shooting at innocents in Jakullie, he had a gang too. ''See that snake? with the shotgun? That is Vash Hisser.'' Gilium said, pointing at the dark green snake. Vash Hisser looked up at the glass and fired at the spire's window. The bullets hit the glass and the window shattered into a million pieces. ''Bounty hunter! I'll give you a bounty... Kill this invader and I'll give you twenty thousand Yuillie!'' Gilium said. ''Kill?'' You asked. ''Yes! Kill!'' Gilium yelled. ''It'll be done.'' You replied. You headed out of the spire.

Once you headed outside, Vash Hisser and his gang glanced at you. ''Yeah! That's him!'' Yelled Vash Hisser. ''Who gave you the bounty to bag the bounty hunter?'' You asked. ''Lieutenant Huigufik.'' Vash Hisser replied. ''Take him out boys! We're bagging him dead!'' Vash Hisser yelled. Every snake aimed rifles at you and fired. You leaped toward a nearby building. Bullets impacted the dirt. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker and charged toward a group of snakes. ''Should we run?'' Asked one of them. Once you reached them, you stabbed yourself with a vortex sender, and they just... melted? Vash Hisser hissed and fired two barrels at you. The pulse shocker wore off just in time and all the bullets packed into your body. You screamed and fell to the ground, everything was red. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and got back up. You rolled to the right once you heard a gun shot. You fired an arrow at Vash Hisser, it got him. Vash Hisser dropped his shotgun and pulled out two long swords made from obsidian. ''Come 'ere sweetheart'' Vash Hisser said. Two wolves leaped at Vash, They managed to hit one hand but Vash had a tight grip on the two swords. Vash sliced one wolf in half, but the other dodged. You aimed and fired at Vash Hisser, it hit him and Vash set his eyes on you. Once he started charging at you, you prepared a vortex sender, and once he swiped at you, you stabbed yourself with the vortex sender. But once you exploded, Vash didn't get knocked down but slightly got pushed away. This guy is tough... You thought to yourself, backing up real far from Vash. The other wolf leaped at Vash's back and started biting and throwing his head side to side. Vash shook him off and sliced him in half as well. You fired four daggers at Vash and an arrow, they all hit him but he didn't even bleed.  You reloaded and fired another arrow. Vash started breathing heavily and slowed down. You fired five daggers at him. Then, down to the floor Vash went. You reloaded and smiled. All the wolves went toward you (including the gate keeper) and cheered at you. ''You did it! You really did it!'' One wolf cheered. ''You killed Vash and his gang?! Unbelievable!'' Another one cheered. ''We owe you big time!'' The gate keeper cheered. Gilium walked over to you. ''Thank you, I have great sense that you can end the Rapture gang.'' Gilium said. ''Rapture gang?'' You asked. ''Yes, the rapture gang, used to be big troubles to Jakullie, and here they are... after sixteen years...'' Gilium gasped. Maybe I can end this gang, if they used to be big troubles, then I can get tons of Yullie. ''I can end them for a price.'' You announced. ''Well... You killed Vash... He was the toughest of there gang, hmm... I think we can ''use'' you.'' Gilium replied. You smiled. Gilium approached you and handed over twenty thousand Yullie. ''I'll head out tomorrow.'' You said. ''Alright, now everyone! Back to work.'' Gilium announced. Everyone started scattering, and Gilium walked away to his spire. You went back home, thinking: I think I found someone to give me new bounties... You stow away your crossbow and fell asleep on your warm bed.


Chapter 15

 This will help...


You woken early, cleaned your crossbow and counted your Yullie was all you did. You had:

 twenty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty five Yullie. (Y.26,785)


You knew you were filthy rich... But you had a more bigger quest then a curse of greed, you needed to free your ancestors from there cell of pain. You just sat there, preparing for the worst, if it took that long to kill Vash Hisser, then you can bet it'll take the same amount for the rest. You stood up after an hour of sitting and thinking then went over to Jack's store unarmed.

Once you entered Jack's store, Jack smiled upon your approach. ''Heard you're going to stop the Rapture gang.'' Jack said. You nodded.  ''The rapture gang is very tough, they used to bully us wolves for money and such.'' Jack said. ''I can tell they're tough!'' You said, chuckling a little bit. ''Don't get your hopes down, even if they're tough, they won't be able to stop one wolf... and that... is you.'' Jack said. You felt a little more encouraged. ''Anyway, do you have any arrows?'' You asked, Jack nodded. ''They're all fifty percent off too.'' Jack announced. ''Show me them.'' You ordered. Jack pulled out one arrow, with bird wings at the end of the arrow and a beak at the front. ''This arrow is more effective and more faster than your normal arrows.'' Jack said, looking at his paw. ''How much does it cost?'' You asked. ''Fourteen hundred, but since it's fifty percent off, it's now seven hundred Yullie.'' Jack said. You laid down seven hundred Yullie on the desk, and Jack handed you the arrow. ''Nice doing business with you... Oh! And by the way!'' Jack said, interrupting you as you walked to the exit. You stopped and glanced back at Jack. ''I'll give you a free dart upgrade, I've been working on it all night.'' Jack said, holding up a green dart with a red eyeball in it. (Not a real eyeball) ''Advantages of that?'' You asked. ''It deals more damage, goes faster, and also, you can fire a maximum of ten instead of five like your puny daggers.'' Jack said. You accepted the upgrade and replaced your daggers with the green darts. You thanked Jack and left his store.

The sun was rising, you went over to Gilium's spire. 

Once you got inside, it was dark. ''Let there be light!'' You ordered, walking through the hallway. Light started flickering on. You climbed the spire to the top of the spire.

You put your crossbow on a weapon rack and approached Gilium. ''I was expecting you.'' Gilium said. ''I could tell.'' You said. ''Are you sure you want to risk your life, to free your ancestors?'' Gilium asked. You growled. ''Yes...'' You replied.


Chapter 16

  Ruthless Redfang. 

''Alright, your target is Ruthless Redfang, a lunatic that thinks he can turn into a red zezom.'' Gilium said. ''the bounty?'' You asked. ''two thousand five hundred.'' Gilium said. You weren't surprised. ''Alright.'' You replied. ''Good luck out there bounty hunter.'' Gilium said. You left the spire, and grabbed your crossbow on the way out.

Gilium gave you the location of where Ruthless Redfang's hideout was. You walked through Magmor forest and into a desert. ''Is Gilium trying to get me lost?'' You asked yourself. You felt claws on your neck. ''Who are yo-... ah... look here boys and girls, we've caught the same bounty hunter that bountied in Nella.'' Said a panther behind you. You growled. ''If I had hands like humans, they'd be raised.'' You said. ''Is that so? You submit?'' The panther asked. Every panther started chuckling. '' Sure...'' You said. ''We should sell him to someone... someone cruel, ruthless, and... brutal.'' One of the panthers said. ''Ruthless Redfang?'' You replied. ''Exactly!'' That panther said quickly. You felt pain on your head and everything grew dark. 

You awakened in a cell. Everything was blurry except you paws in front of you. You heard a panther chuckle. Everything started turning perfectly clear. A panther was outside your cell. You got up. ''Good day.'' The panther said. ''Where am I?'' You asked. ''A cell, why?'' The panther asked you. ''I thought you were going to sell me.'' You said. ''I did'' The panther said. A devil cat came in front the right, he had a scar on his eye, a broken tooth, red fur, and brown eyes. ''Thank you for giving me this... wolf... he'll prove handy to me.'' The devil cat said. ''Yes, enjoy this wolf.'' The panther said. ''But... I'm afraid you'll have to die now...'' Ruthless Redfang said. ''What?'' The panther asked quickly. Just after he said that, two zezom emerged from the shadows and pulled the panther by the leg and pulled him toward the shadows, you started hearing screaming and chomping. Ruthless Redfang laughed. He sounded like a complete maniac. ''You'd be useful for feeding the zezoms... they haven't eaten any wolf meat for a long time... say like... FOR FIVE MINUTES!'' Ruthless Redfang started laughing. Suddenly, a golden glove was thrown to you. You picked it up and equipped it, it had sharp spikes at the end. You swiped at the lock, it broke off and you opened the cell door. Ruthless Redfang backed away several feet. ''Zezoms! Kill the wolf!'' Ruthless Redfang ordered. Ruthless Redfang started running. Zezoms leaped toward you, you hit one but the others started chomping at you. You sliced one that was on your leg, then another on your pelt. You moved on. ''Ruthless Redfang has your crossbow! I'll never give it to you! NEVER! ZEZOMS! ATTACK!'' Ruthless Redfang ordered. Zezoms started leaping toward you. You sliced one and rolled to the right, dodging several zezoms from mauling you. You sliced another. One jumped on your leg and started biting it, you shook the zezom off and sliced it. Then marched toward the next room. ''Okay... Ruthless underestimated you... Perhaps we could... collaborate? Against the panthers?'' Redfang asked. You didn't reply.

Ruthless Redfang stood in the center of the room, holding your crossbow to the ground. You walked up to him. ''Now!'' Redfang yelled. Redfang started running toward the exit. You grabbed your crossbow and fired an arrow at him. Missed. The entrance and exit started closing though, and zahkazs started jumping from high platforms. A dagger fired at you (from one of the zahkazs) You fired an arrow at the zahkaz, got him. Another dagger fired at you. You dodged and fired a dagger at him. Got him in the eye. A dagger hit you in the back. You fired at one random zahkaz and fired two at some others. Got them three. Another dagger hit you in the back. You fired at the zahkaz behind you then used a heart healer. The exit gate opened. You fired your last arrow at the last zahkaz and went on to the next room.

''You're testing my patience bounty hunter! Enough of this or I will call Lieutenant Huigufik for snake samurai.'' Redfang threatened. You didn't care.

The next room had two zezom statues at the side. You expected the worst. The entrance behind you closed, and the exit too. ''Awaken my pretties! Take care of that mouse! Elephants don't fear MICE!'' Ruthless yelled. The two giant zezom statues turned into giant zezoms! Both of them looked at you. You aimed your crossbow and prepared for one heck of a beating.

One giant zezom roared furiously at you. You fired an arrow at that one's nose. It got him but seemed to do no harm. You reloaded and quickly fired another arrow at the giant zezom. It got him again and this time, the zezom just closed his eyes for several seconds and opened with blood-shot eyes. You fired another arrow at the same zezom. It hit him. The zezom leaped at you from a far range, you dodged before he can crush you with his weight. The second zezom was behind you, trying to trap you. You stabbed yourself with a vortex sender. Once you exploded, the two zezoms were only pushed away slightly.  You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and moved quickly away from the zezoms. You reloaded and fired nine daggers at the zezom with bloody eyes, finally, he roared and fell to the floor. The other zezom vanished. The exit opened, however, not the entrance, you started hoping there was a away out in Ruthless Redfang's chamber.

Once you entered Ruthless Redfang's chamber, Ruthless Redfang was standing on a giant zezom.  ''Listen here rodent! You'd better stay down with your eyes closed so this can end quickly!'' Ruthless Redfang yelled. ''Well.. You should stay down to make this easy for yourself.'' You said. ''Me? NEVER BOUNTY HUNTER! NEVER!'' Ruthless Redfang yelled. The zezom he was riding started jumping at you. ''You've chosen it, roughness time.'' You called out. You started backing away from the zezom and firing arrows at it. Jake put an iron shield around the zezom's body. You started strafing the zezom to the right. The zezom had trouble bouncing toward you and turning around at the same time. Once you were able to see the right side of the zezom, you fired at it's body. Once the arrow hit, the zezom roared and the shield flew at you. You rolled and the shield missed by an inch. You fired daggers and arrows at the zezom's vulnerable body. The zezom fell to the floor but Redfang was still up. ''So what? I ain't dead yet.'' Redfang said. Redfang had two gloves with two thin barrelled guns on them. Redfang fired one of them, it launched a zezom toward you. You fired a dagger at the zezom and an arrow at Redfang. Got them both. Redfang fired another zezom at you. Once it hit you, it started biting you. You swept it off and fired eight daggers at Redfang. Seven got him. ''This ain't over... not yet...'' Redfang said weakly. You fired the last arrow at Redfang... MISSED! Redfang coughed and fired a zezom at you. You swept it off and reloaded. Once you were done, you fired the kill shot at Ruthless Redfang, finally... he died. You stabbed his corpse with a garnjurn and looked around for an exit. There was a ladder leading to the roof, you climbed the ladder.

Once you got outside, you were close to Jakullie, how amazing you were this close. It was night but you walked over to Gilium's spire anyway.

Once you entered, every guard was watching you as you past by, but you ignored them and walked on. You climbed the stairs to the top floor and put away your crossbow. After that, you walked over to Gilium, who was still awake. ''Word has it, you killed Ruthless Redfang.'' Gilium said. ''I did'' You replied, teleporting Redfang's corpse in front of you. ''A fantastic job, bounty hunter.'' Gilium said. Gilium went over to you and put the Yullie in your paw, two thousand five hundred Yullie. You closed your paw and went home.


Chapter 17

  Shame-shooter Sam


After sleeping and doing your daily errands, you went over to Gillium immediately. After climbing the stairs, you walked over to Gilium with your crossbow armed. ''Quite rude for you not too put that crossbow away.'' Gilium said. ''Sorry, anyway... the new bounty?'' You asked. Your next target, is Shame-shooter Sam.'' Gilium said. ''Why can't we go after the leader of the rapture gang? You know... Lieutenant Huigufik?'' You asked. ''Patience bounty hunter... we don't want to rush blindly toward an unexpected doom, do we now?'' Gilium asked. ''Good point.'' You replied. ''Anyway, your next target is Shame-shooter Sam, the rapture gang's marksman.'' Gilium said. ''Don't they already have enough marksmen?'' You asked. ''This is there best marksman and the lead marksman.'' Gilium replied. ''Whats the reward?'' You asked. seven thousand five hundred. Gilium said. ''Deal.'' You replied. You walked your way out of the spire. ''Good luck...'' Gilium murmured as you walked out.

When you walked out, the emerald pup walked up to you. ''I'd like to give you some cloths... as a token of my appreciation.'' The pup said, handing over some cloths. You picked it up. ''Thank you.'' You said, slight confusion in your voice. You went home to try it on.

It wasn't that bad actually, it was like armor, an orange robe with grey stripes like a tiger hung on the back, and an orange leather helmet was on your head, and your paws were surrounded by wrist green wrist bands with diamond in every socket. You can see the rewards of how these will sell, but you'd hate to lose the only gear you'd be given in months. You went out, locked your house, and went toward Magmor forest.



Chapter 18

  A little snake's hideout.


Chimera head keep was an ancient and broken up place, many bandits were here to steal diamond and garnets here. Once you entered the stormy keep, thunder roared. There was a door just ahead, you opened it and marched forward. You aimed your crossbow and walked on.



Chapter 19

  Chimera head keep.

The first room was lowered, you were standing on a high platform, two stairs at the side lead down to the bottom, two snakes stood in the center of the room. ''Have you heard Lieutenant Huigufik was going to invade Jil'Tara?'' The snake on the left asked. ''Yes... It's going to be exciting.'' The snake replied. You fired an arrow at the left snake's head. Killed him instantly ''Who let in a wolf?!'' The right snake asked. The snake fired his rifle at you, you ducked and the bullet passed over your head. You fired an arrow at the snake, it hit his chest. The snake fired his rifle at you again. Got you this time. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer. Then fired another arrow at the snake, got him and he fell to the floor back first. You went down to the exit, the exit had a stairs leading UP. You went up the stairs.

Once you reached the next floor, there were skeletons in coffins, which freaked you out. You touched the skull of one, humans... humans were extinct ever since Jakullie was made, or Cobra fang city. You continued on.

Once you reached the next floor, it had a...  GHOSTBLADE! (You have met your first titan, titans are elite enemies, ghostblades can teleport anywhere and heal a little bit, they have melee, and are fairly hard to kill.) The ghostblade saw you and started charging at you.


Chapter 20

   The first titan.


You rolled to the right and fired nine daggers at the ghostblade. The ghostblade got hit by all of them, but he started vanishing! He was turning into a ghost! You fired an arrow at him, but he vanished. Ghostblades would always teleport to this little yellow pad. You started searching around. A sword behind you swung, and split your back. You screamed and fell to the floor, everything was red. You quickly dragged yourself to cover before the ghostblade can finish you off. You managed to escape him and stabbed yourself with a heart healer. Everything turned back to normal color, you got up and twisted around ninety degrees. The ghostblade was behind you. You dodged him once he swung at you and fired an arrow at him. He started vanishing again, you fired ten darts at him, but he was still alive. Once he teleported, you punched the ground. You aimed your crossbow, reloaded your darts, and fired an arrow at the ghostblade. Got him! And down came the ghostblade to the floor. You reloaded and moved on.


Chapter 21

  Fantasy shooter Sam


You were on top of Chimera Head keep, and there stood Shame-shooter Sam. ''I see you made it pass all my guards and my ghostblade.'' Sam said. ''Well it was all worth it.'' You replied. ''It really is worth the time and risk?'' Sam asked. ''Yes, and so lets save that time and risk in making this quick!'' You yelled, aiming your crossbow at Sam. Once you fired, Sam jumped off the keep. ''What?'' You asked. You went to the side of the keep and looked down, but once you stuck your head out, a flying... thing came pass up. It was... a... CHIMERA! (Two headed, first head is an eagle, and second is a snake, black, wings, big tail, giant claws.) ''I think we're going to save time, risk, and money with you.'' Sam said. The chimera landed on the keep. You fired an arrow at the snake head. Got him! The snake head hissed and fired venom at you, you dodged. You fired ten darts at the snake head. All hit him, the eagle head screeched and fired lightning at you. You dodged, however, it shocked your paw slightly. The heads started twisting, and the snake head turned into a lion while the other turned into a zezom. The zezom fired daggers at you like Zahkazs do, one hit your chest. You pulled the dagger out, some blood thawed out. You aimed and fired ten daggers at the zezom head, several hit him. The lion shot fire at you, you dodged. You reloaded your darts and fired an arrow at the lion head. The lion head got hit but cut off from the neck. ''Disgusting.'' You said. The zezom head fired set of daggers at you. You dodged. You fired an arrow at the zezom head and it hit him. The zezom head cut loose from the body and the chimera started tripping side to side. His foot almost crushed you but you dodged it, the chimera fell over. ''Nooooo!'' Sam screamed. You looked over the edge. The chimera's headless body was at the bottom, and you thought you saw Sam's corpse. You started heading downstairs.

You stabbed Sam's corpse and went back to Jakullie.


Chapter 22

  Still alive? 


You did turn in Sam's bounty, you were rewarded 5,000 Yullie, you had thirty three thousand, five hundred, eighty five Yullie (Y.33,585) You were at home, staying up till midnight, cleaning your crossbow and gear.  At 11:65 the doorbell rang, you went over to the door and opened it. No one was there, you looked left, right, then down. A box laid there. You picked it up, and went inside your house. You tore the box open and read an old paper in it.


We watch you...


You raised an eyebrow. ''What?'' You asked. An explosion emitted outside. ''What is going on?!'' You asked out loud. You went outside. Panthers were jumping across roofs and attacking wolves! One jumped in front of you, a panther with red eyes, a cloth covering his mouth, and scars all over her face. ''Remember me?'' She asked. She took the piece of cloth off her mouth. It was Nella! ''How did you revive?'' You asked. ''Is it any of your business?'' She asked. You armed your crossbow. ''Yes'' You replied. ''Lieutenant Huigufik'' She replied. You aimed and fired quickly at Nella, she dodged and grappled on to your roof. Two ghostblades appeared in front of you. You ran to the right and fired an arrow at one of the ghostblades. The ghostblade swung at you, you ducked and fired a dagger at his chest. He hissed and swung at you again, it cut off some of your fur. The other ghostblade swung at you, you dodged and he hit the other ghostblade. The other ghostblade died. You fired 5 darts at the ghostblade, all hit him, he turned to ghost form and teleported. You aimed at Nella and fired. At hit her and she set her eyes on you. She leaped toward you, You shot at her, got her, she landed roughly on the ground and slid toward you. You fired a dagger at her head to finish her off. '''You didn't have to go that easy on me.'' You said. Sharp pain surged into your back, you glanced behind your shoulder, blood was bleeding from your back, and the ghostblade was right there. He swung at you again, you dodged and fired an arrow at him. Hit him, you reloaded the arrow and fired ten daggers at him, all got him and he fell to the ground. ''There is a little more, bounty hunter! Take them out!'' Gilium yelled on the town speakers. Lots of guards came out of the Jakullie spire.

After an hour of cleaning out the panthers, you weren't cheered at, Gilium did went over to you. ''Thank you for saving my town.'' Gilium said. ''No problem, any reward?'' You asked. ''You get one, you get free bandages on the little cut there.'' Gilium said. You looked back at the wound on your back, it was very deep, it was so deep, you could see a white spot (you predict it was your spine.) ''I'll accept that.'' You replied.

After getting the bandages on, you went home to sleep a little more.


Chapter 23

 German engineering!


You woke up and did your daily chores, then went up to Gilium's spire.

Once you reached the top floor, Gilium was staring out the window like he always does. ''It's amazing you're going through all this trouble just so you can free your ancestors.'' Gilium said. ''Well, it's more then freeing them, I'm helping you dispose of some bounties and I'm also freeing myself from fate.'' You replied. ''Good point.'' Gilium said. Gilium hesitated and finally spoke. ''Your next target is the rapture gang's German engineer, Martin Pon Peter.'' Gilium said. An engineer? There will be, no doubt, traps there. You thought. ''I'll take good care of him.'' You said. ''Go get him.'' Gilium said. You went outside.




 Chapter 24

 Martin Pon Peter.


You closed in on Martin's hideout, Gilium said he had no gang, so it should be easy. Once you reached his hideout somewhere in Magmor forest, you opened the door, pipes were everywhere, you heard water rushing within them. Steam noises were up ahead behind a corner, you moved up toward it.

Behind the corner was a strange machine, you went up to it, it was a sphere, copper, and a hole in it. It looked like human technology.The sphere turned to you and fired, it missed even thought you were about an inch away. You aimed your crossbow at it and fired. It shattered into pieces. You reloaded and went on. Well, Martin does have a little gang. You thought to yourself while walking forward.

The next room had pipes at the side, and two medium sized robots. They were turrets. You fired at the left one, it reflected. The two turrets turned to you and started firing bullet. You ran to the right, one shot almost hit you.

You made it to the exit just fine, you dusted off and proceeded.

After many mazes and boring battles, you reached Martin after about what seemed to be like ten rooms. ''Zo, de dumkohf approaches.'' Martin said. ''Yes, yes, I took care of your other buddies.'' You said. ''Zo I see, Vi dun't need zem, vun man can tip ze scale.'' Martin said. ''Like me?'' You asked.''Ya'' Martin replied. You raised your crossbow and aimed at Martin. ''Don't think this will ve zat easy.'' Martin said, pushing a lever next to him. ''You fired, but the arrow reflected because Martin was now on a spider walker! ''I took zome poisons from ze Azona and Achion.'' Martin said. ''Shut up and fight!'' You yelled. Martin shot a white web at you, it got you and wrapped around you. It felt sticky, and you you were immobilized! You started shaking and rolling. ''Keep rollin' you slimzy pig!'' Martin yelled, approaching you with his spider walker. You bit the web and it teared off, you got up and started firing more arrows at the spider walker.They kept reflecting. ''Hey dumkohf! I hope you know what this walker is made zof.'' Martin said. You ignored him and started shooting at him, there was a blue shield protecting him, ''I AM UNSTOPPABLE!'' Martin yelled. You fired at the spider walker's knee, it pierced it and the spider walker spazzed for a second.  Martin's shield disabled for a second. ''Shultz! Put up the shield!'' Martin yelled. You glanced at a glass window, you saw a snake at a control panel that was pressing flashing buttons, you aimed and fired at him. It crashed through the glass and hit the snake on the head, and Martin's shield never came up. ''Go slink away back to that dump you call ''Jakullie''!'' Martin yelled. You aimed at Martin and fired two darts, the spider walker's legs raised to a cross and blocked the darts. Once the leg crashed down, he started walking toward you, you fired an arrow at Martin while backing up. It hit him. He leaped toward you, you rolled to the right and fired three daggers at Martin, all got him. He started circling around, you fired a kill shot at Martin, a solid head shot. You approached Martin's corpse and his dead spider walker, you stabbed Martin with a garnjurn and went back to Jakullie.


Chapter 25

 45 days left.


You did return the bounty, pff... who are you kidding? this is murder. And got 5,000 Yullie. When you got home, it was 10:54 PM.You stayed up for a while counting your Yullie, you had forty one thousand and eighty five. (Y.41,085) You stowed away your crossbow after you finished counting your Yullie, and you threw yourself on your leather bed, and fell asleep.


Chapter 26

 Shadow priest Venomsear


When you reached the top floor of the Jakullie spire, you approached Gilium. ''I'm getting real bored of this.'' Gilium said. ''How so?'' You asked. ''Nothing, anyway, your next target is shadow priest Venomsear.'' Gilium said. ''His hideout is in the red dragon dojo.'' Gilium said. ''Red dragon dojo? why there?'' You asked. ''I guess to hire more snake samurai.'' Gilium said. (Snake samurai are the second titan, they're heavily armored and well trained warriors that can block arrows and darts rather easily.) ''Alright.'' You replied. You grabbed your crossbow and went out.


Chapter 27

 Red dragon dojo.


Red dragon dojo was a large dojo , far from Magmor forest. Once you entered, it was dark, but you managed to see through. ''Who goes there?''' A snake samurai asked. You hid behind a corner, and the snake samurai did not see you. You aimed at the snake samurai and fired, the snake samurai seemed to slow time and turned his head toward you and blocked the arrow with a katana. ''Intruder! trespasser! BOUNTY HUNTER!'' The snake samurai called out. You fired another arrow at the snake samurai, he blocked. ''I need help!'' The snake samurai cried. You fired ten darts at him, he blocked them all and swung at you. ''You're best giving up, I can block every projectile you throw at me.'' The snake samurai said. ''Except this..'' You replied. You stabbed yourself with a vortex sender, and once you exploded, the snake samurai was on his back, but still breathing. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and went over to the snake samurai, he tried to reach for his katana. You pushed it aside and aimed at his head. ''Do it!'' The snake samurai said. You fired and went on.

The next room had a ghostblade. You aimed and fired, he turned into ghost form and the arrow went through him. Once the ghostblade teleported, you fired ten darts and reloaded. Five hit him. The ghostblade sprinted at you and swung, you ducked and dodged. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker, the ghostblade pointed his sword at you and shot out some electricity that made the effects of the pulse shocker go away faster. Once the pulse shocker went away, you slightly got burnt by the remaining shocking. The ghostblade charged at you and swung. Got you! A deep wound in the body. You quickly stabbed yourself with a vortex sender and exploded. It made the ghostblade turn to ghost form. You quickly stabbed yourself with a heart healer. The ghostblade charged at you and swung, missed. You fired a kill shot and moved on.


Chapter 28

 After 3 floors


 After 3 floors (like the chapter says) You reached shadow priest Venomsear's floor. '''ell, ain't dis a su'prise?'' Venomsear asked. ''It won't be if you get used to it.'' You said. ''Fool! This is what Pheonix said! He wan'ed us to fight blindly! Perhaps we should destroy Pheonix and da panthers?'' Venomsear asked. ''No deal!'' You yelled. You aimed and fired at Venomsear. He put up a shield and blocked the arrow. ''So be it'' Venomsear said. He shot a shadow skull at you. You dodged. You didn't notice four giant pillars on the corners till now. You ignored those and fired at Venom sear, he blocked and forced you into the room (you were in the hallway that led into the big room.) Once you were in the room, the door shut behind you. ''Prepare to drown!'' Venomsear said. You fired an arrow at him, he vanished and the arrow hit the wall. You looked around, he was nowhere. You felt something on your paws, you glanced down. Water! (Due to your heavy crossbow, you're not able to swim very good.) The pillars started getting smaller. They stopped about six or seven feet above ground, just slightly taller then you. Once the water reached your body, it started lifting you... like Nepmoon was beneath you and lifting you. You climbed onto the pillar and shook yourself off. Venomsear's chuckling echoed the room. ''Good, now that you're vulnerable, I'll see you drown.'' Venomsear said, appearing on the opposite pillar you were on. Wooden bridges starting slowly appearing in the center of each pillar. You aimed at Venomsear and fired, he dodged. He casted a shadow skull at you, you dodged. You fired ten darts at him, several hit him, several missed. He casted a shadow skull at you, you dodged. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker and fired a rain of daggers on Venomsear. Lots of them hit him, but many more missed. After five seconds on wasting ammo, he fell to the floor. A door appeared on the corner he was on, you went over to it and went in.

It was a shortcut to the exit, you went outside, it was dark. You walked back to Jakullie.


Chapter 29

Plans for the siege.


You woke up and stretched from your bed, you did your daily errands and headed over to the Jakullie spire. You had 40 days left, the reason: Gilium offered you a five day rest after you turned in Venomsear's bounty, you felt very rested.

Once you reached Gilium's floor, there was a table with some guards near it. You went over to it. ''You finally arrived.'' Gilium said. You looked down at the table... a map. ''This is Lieutenant Huigufik's hold, it's highly fortified with snake samurai, ghostblades, and other titanic hazards.'' Gilium said. ''So how do we get passed?'' A guard asked. Gilium glanced at you and smiled. ''That will be simple, a bridge hangs outside the keep, cross it and the city is as good as ours.'' Gilium said. ''How many guards will be in this invasion?'' Another guard asked. ''About three quarters of Jakullie, we'll leave some behind so that they can defend Jakullie, just in case.'' Gilium replied. You grinned. ''This'll be easy.'' You said.

Every guard assembled outside the Jakullie spire. Many carts came and gone, picking up a battalion of guards. Once a red cart came by, you climbed onto it, there were no seats, so you sat on the floor next to the cloth wall like every wolf does. Once the cart took off, twelve guards were in the cart. ''Hey, you're that bounty hunter! good to see you!'' Said a guard in the cart. You smiled. ''Nice to meet you too.'' You said. ''I hope you're all ready to end the Rapture gang once and for all, especially you, bounty hunter.'' Said another guard in the cart. You glanced down at your crossbow, it was loaded, and greeted you with a shine. ''I'm ready, alright.'' You replied.


Chapter 30

  Wrath of the bounty hunter.


You dropped off far from a fortress that was being invaded by wolves. Catapults shot a flaming ball of steel at the fortress wall. ''This is it men! We're attacking the core, the heart, the source of the Rapture gang! We shall end this game once and for all!'' Gilium yelled. Every guard battle cried. ''Let's do this!'' Gilium yelled. Every guard, including Gilium and you, started charging. Snake crossbow-men rained arrows on you. Some people got hit but you managed to run through. You crossed the bridge and into the keep. Snake samurai came after your battalion, you aimed and fired at one, it took a while but you managed to kill him. Gilium sliced through a snake samurai's armor and claws at his head. The snake samurai died at Gilium's paws. Once you were in the keep, many ghostblades swung and missed rapidly. You kept charging toward Lieutenant Huigufik's keep, not far from the entrance.

You breached in the keep, Lieutenant Huigufik was sitting there, slumped over. ''So, are you room service or here to end my life?'' Huigufik asked. ''We're both.'' Gilium replied.''Sorry, but heads are allowed on my walls, you can't kill me!'' Huigufik said. ''You're right! So we'll throw you into the cell.'' Gilium said. Huigufik stood up, but had no weapons. ''Close the door...'' Huigufik whispered. The door behind you closed and locked. You heard laughter in almost all directions. ''You didn't expect ussss dead, did you?!'' A snake asked, coming out of the darkness on the right. Something was familiar about that snake... ''What? But... how are you still alive?'' Gilium asked. The snake hissed. ''At least you recognize me, but what about you bounty hunter? You seem so blank at seeing me.'' The snake said. You were confused, the snake looked so familiar, you tried to imagine all of your bounties... Joel, Zahck, Nella, Loikus... Vash Hisser... You were so confused, how can this snake be Vash Hisser? ''There we go, that's the expression I want too see.'' Vash Hisser said. A red dot appeared at Gilium's forehead. You glanced at the right, Sam was aiming a rifle at Gilium. Ruthless Redfang hopped out of the darkness with two zezoms.  Martin came out with his spider walker. ''It's a shame that Venomsear cannot join us today, he was the reason behind this.'' Huigufik said. You aimed your crossbow at Huigufik, but Sam aimed at your head. You lowered your crossbow. ''Do you not hear the screams of lives lost out there? Those screams are your people, Gilium, being over run by snake samurai, ghostblades, guardians, beserkers, and giant zezoms.'' Huigufik said. You heard nothing but Gilium appeared he did. ''Sam fired a dart at Gilium, Gilium closed his eyes and fell to the floor, Sam fired the same dart at you, you stumbled left then right, then fell to the floor. ''Take his gear, and that stupid looking leather helmet, and also his crossbow...'' Huigufik said. You closed your eyes and fell asleep.


Chapter 31

 The bounty hunter became the bounty hunted.


You woke up, your two paws in front of you, you stood up. Your helmet was stripped and your crossbow was gone. You looked outside the cell. Huigufik was outside. ''Good morning.'' Huigufik said. You put a paw on your head. ''How long has it been?'' You asked. ''Thirty five days...'' Huigfuik said. ''WHAT?!'' You asked out loud. Huigufik smiled. ''That is right...'' Huigufik said. Huigufik pulled out your crossbow. ''So this is your crossbow... eh?'' Huigufik asked. Huigufik glanced at you and broke the crossbow. ''Go ahead and sob all you want over your crossbow.'' Huigufik said. ''Hows things over here Huigufik?'' A grey devil cat asked. ''Everything is fine from here Jake.'' Huigfuik said. ''JAKE?!'' You asked. Jake glanced at you. ''Surprised?'' Jake asked. You remained silent. ''No need to admit, I've planned this for years by now!'' Jake said. ''You planned for years, an invasion on Jakullie to accomplish what?'' You asked. ''Lots of money...'' Jake replied. ''Don't you have enough Yullie? I saw on Gilium's wanted poster that you had more then 90,000 Yullie.'' You said. 'Well, yes.'' Jake replied. ''Than why even attempt to capture Jakullie?'' You asked. ''I want both money and control.'' Jake said. ''QUIET! now can WE PLEASE get on to the invasion plan Jake?'' Huigufik said. ''But of course.'' Jake said. They both went out of sight.

After ten minutes, you glanced at your broken crossbow, it was torn in half like piece of wood. You heard something outside your cell, you got off the bed and looked outside. There was a... HUMAN! He glanced at you. ''Surprised?'' He asked. ''As well as I saw Jake? yes.'' You replied. You then recognized the human, it was Huigufik. ''Did you turn into human form to surprise me or somethin'?'' You asked. ''No, because I want to control my feet a bit.'' Huigufik said. You growled and went back to your bed. ''And by the way, you have one day till execution.'' Huigufik said. ''What?!'' You asked. ''Enjoy the rest of your life while you can.'' Huigufik said, leaving the jail. You went on your bed and slept, for this might be your last dream...


Chapter 32

 Day of execution


You woke up on the glass bed. Once you got up, the whole Rapture gang was there, grinning at you. Huigufik (In snake form) opened the cell and grabbed you.

You were carried to a room in a tower, once Huigufik released you, Shame shooter Sam held a single-barreled shotgun. Huigufik wrapped a blindfold around your head. Everything was white. ''Ready!'' Huigufik called. You heard a gun click. ''Aim!'' Huigufik said.'' A gun hit a solid body, like the shotgun colliding against Sam's body. ''Fir-!'' You heard a crash that interrupted Huigufik, you heard a gun fired, but everything was still solid and you were surely not dead. ''What in the world is that?!'' Jake asked. You lifted the blindfold, and you couldn't believe your eyes. It was Ali'Kara! You quickly glanced around for Gilium, but you heard Gilium screaming, you turned to Ali'Kara, he tossed his head back and forth and tossed Gilium out of the tower. ''Go stop this beast!'' Huigufik said. Everyone went down the stairs. You looked for the exit. But then, you heard voices in your head...

go up... go up...

You started heading upstairs. While you climbed the stairs, lots of Ali'Kara's screeching and gunshots filled the noise outside.

Once you reached the top floor, there was almost everything you had, your heart healer, pulse shocker, and vortex sender. But where was your Yullie and garnjurn? You heard slithering from the exit. You glanced around quickly. There was a window that lead down into a river. The slithering came closer. You jumped out of the window and everything just seemed to slow down. Ali'Kara flew right in front of you and snatched at you, he missed and down into the river you went. Once you hit the water, everything grew black...


Chapter 33

 The hunter's new mission.


You woke up, everything was nothing but blur. You were on a beach. You got up and everything straightened up. You looked down at your paw, without your crossbow, you felt alone. You went into a nearby forest. ''Dang, how am I going to get Huigufik without a crossbow?'' You asked yourself, walking into the forest. Leafs from a bush brushed up your chin, you raised your head to ignore the bush. But suddenly, a net from underneath snatched you. Panthers surrounded you from all sides. ''Hin mo?'' A panther asked. ''Jip kil zo mis.'' A panther replied. ''Shaman, yui tik loj ret?'' A panther asked, facing an old panther with a staff. The ''shaman'' nodded. A panther checked your inventory. You tried to resist but he snatched your five wanted posters, it's amazing that they're still dry. The panther cycled through the posters until the third one, his expression was from rushing to astonished. ''Lop Jif killa' Nella?'' The panther asked. Every panther started glancing at each other and talking. This ain't good. The shaman banged his staff on the ground. ''Saluince!'' The shaman ordered. Every panther stopped talking. The shaman approached you and started circling his staff. pointing at you. ''Hin de johf, hin de johf...'' The shaman whispered, some small circles started coming into your brain. Panther language started appearing before your very eyes. You started getting the meaning and how to use the words. ''Now this wolf can understand us.'' The shaman said. ''Finally! Now your very race can hear our words of rage!'' One panther said. ''No, I see great pride, such powerful spirit within this one, he can be ''the storm hunter.'' The shaman said. Every panther started talking to one another. ''This one, the ''storm hunter?'' You can't be serious about this shaman!'' The panther yelled. The shaman looked at that panther with a seriously mad expression. ''Fine!'' The panther yelled. ''Cut the ''storm hunter'' loose.'' The same panther ordered. The net dropped to the ground with you in it. You got up and dusted off. ''Come with us storm hunter, for we know your destiny.'' The shaman informed. You followed the shaman to where you don't know.


Chapter 34

 The right wolf in the right place.


The shaman led you to a very old looking city, walls made of stone and houses made of wood. Every panther started at you with blank expressions. The shaman led you to the biggest house in the village.

Once you entered the house, there was an alchemy table, chests, and some other stuff. The shaman stopped in the center of the room and glanced at you. ''I never thought I would live to see this day, the storm hunter arrives here in Jil'Tara. The shaman said.

''What are you talking about?''

''The storm hunter, is said to be a wolf, with a crossbow and great strength.''

''Sorry, my crossbow is broken, that demon Huigufik broke it.''

The shaman growled softly. ''This is a problem, anyway, let me see your neck.'' The panther said. ''What?! No!'' You refused. The shaman seemed to froze you and inspected your neck. ''The mark of Pheonix.'' The panther whispered. You unfroze. ''Yes, that's right, I got the mark of Pheonix on my neck.'' You said. The panther growled. ''This was foretold, do you have any idea what the mark of Pheonix means?'' The shaman asked. ''No.'' You replied. ''It means, you were given something that will make you die in the end.'' The shaman said. ''By ''given'' I mean something very hazardous, like a knife, or sword, something.'' The shaman said. you gulped. ''So that is what it means.'' You whispered to yourself. You ran outside. You sat outside and started at the sky. Was this the end? You never saved your ancestors from Pheonix, or got revenge on Huigufik and Jake, or even get 50,000 Yullie in fifty days? A tear fell down your cheek. The shaman laid a paw on you. ''This is not the end.'' The shaman said. ''We're here to help, we wish for vengeance as well.'' The shaman said. ''What for?'' You asked. ''Jake has always been trying to hunt us, kill us, make us extinct.'' The shaman said. ''What? Why?'' You asked. The shaman was interrupted by moaning. You glanced at the panther moaning. ''Scout Jin'Ko! What happened?'' The shaman asked. ''The- they're com- coming... the-th-the black hand... mercenaries...'' The scout said. The scout softly died. The shaman closed his eyes and glanced at you. ''The black hand mercenaries...'' The shaman whispered. ''What are the black hand mercenaries?'' You asked. ''Elites, not like snake samurai though, they're very tough outlaws that pay high price.'' The shaman replied. ''How will we repel these ''black hand mercenaries?'' ''We will do everything we can, but you'll need to help.'' The shaman said. ''How?'' You asked. The shaman called an unfamiliar noise. A blacksmith came. ''Yes shaman?'' The smith asked. ''I require the crossbow.'' The shaman said. ''The crossbow? What for? Never mind, I'll get it.'' The blacksmith called over his shoulder, running back to his forge. The smith came back with a crossbow in his paw. He handed the shaman the crossbow and left. ''Where, this was a crossbow built ten decades ago, it was destined for the storm hunter.'' The shaman said, handing over the crossbow. The crossbow as grey, shiny, had a dart gun and arrow launcher like your old one.''Also, take these.'' The shaman handed you four arrows and two shots.

The normal arrow. Stealth (The normal arrow is normal, stealthy, and reliable.)

Nepmoon's pride. Stealth (A water-like arrow! Doesn't hurt as much but can extinguish fires and wet up some enemies!)

The super darts. Firefight dart(Like normal darts, except fires more faster and carries 30 darts instead of 10.)

The scatter darts. Firefight dart  (Darts that scatter everywhere! They can fire pretty slowly but it's worth the instant-killing damage up close and personal!)

Blood of a cheetah. Shot (Once you stabbed yourself with this, it'll make you as swift as a cheetah! And this is not really cheetah blood, it's just a chemical like all your other shots.)

The rage of the zezom. Shot (Be as powerful as giant zezom! This shot will make you a whole lot stronger, and yes, a zezom is that powerful, and there is a difference with this and the pulse shocker, and that is: with this shot, you're not invincible.)


''Thanks.'' You said. You heard an explosion. Panthers started running into homes, and panthers with armor started running around the village. ''Alright mercenaries! We'll be paid a whole warehouse of Yullie if we destroy this village! So go ahead! INVADE THIS DUMP!'' A mercenary yelled. Snakes with black helmets, red glowing eyes, and armor started breaching into the village and shooting at guards. You aimed and fired super darts at the mercenary, he died in twenty hits. Other mercenaries started charging in. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker and fired scatter shots at the mercenaries, some hit the mercenaries but didn't killed them. They fired bullets at you but they didn't hurt due to the pulse shocker. You fired super darts at them again, killed one, but three more to go. The shaman shot a fire bolt at one, burnt him alive. Guards started running up to the mercenaries. Some guards were killed but several took the mercenaries out. ''Snake samurai! Go, go, go!'' The  mercenary called. Two snake samurai started charging. You stabbed yourself with a ''rage of the zezom'' and your body started getting slightly bigger, and started glowing red. You started charging at the snake samurai, one swung at you but it felt like a stick. You grabbed the snake samurai and threw him in the sky. You stabbed yourself with a vortex sender and the other snake samurai flew, but the vortex sender wasn't enough to weaken you.The effect wore away and you were breathless. A guard dragged you back to the village. ''Stay here for a while, regain your breath.'' The guard called out while she ran toward some black hand mercenaries. You regained your breath shortly. ''You people are disgraceful! Stand aside and let daddy handle this.'' The mercenary called. A zezom with three mechanical legs started approaching, to make matters worst, it had rocket launchers and flame throwers at the side of the zezom's mouth. The zezom roared. You aimed and fired at it, it dodged and fired rockets at you. Everyone ducked, but you ran, you dodged one, but it blew up behind your back. You fell to the ground, and everything was red. You dragged yourself to nearby darkness. You could hear distant, mechanical footsteps approaching. Once you reached the shadows, you looked back. A figure was approaching you. ''Fire!'' The shaman yelled, it echoed due to you're still near death. A ball of fire shot at the guardian. It glanced over at the shaman and ran to them.  You pulled out a heart healer and stabbed yourself, color started restoring quickly. A panther's corpse slid in front of you. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker and went out in the open. The guardian glanced at you and started charging at you. You fired super darts at it. All shots hit him and he died when he was very close to you. ''Dang! This wolf is to tough! if anyone is still alive, fall back!'' The mercenary ordered. Every panther cheered at you, you had that feeling in your heart, the same feeling you had back in Jakullie, when you saved Jakullie from Vash Hisser. ''Way to go storm hunter!'' A panther cheered. A panther with golden armor and a golden crown with pure blue diamonds came up to you. ''Greetings, storm hunter, we meet again...'' The panther said.

Chapter 35

 The Jil'Tara council.

''What? I never met you.'' You said. ''We did actually, you see, Nella was part of the Jil'Tara council.'' The panther said.

''Your point?''

''The Jil'Tara council is connected to each other, perhaps you already met Hinuget, our shaman, he is a Jil'Tara councilor too.''

''Really? How much councilors are there?''

''There are only seven of us.'' The panther replied. ''Seven?'' You asked. The panther nodded. ''I am Lok'Bunlo. Lok'Bunlo introduced himself. ''Nice to meet you Lok'Bunlo.'' You greeted. ''Good to meet you too, anyway, from now on, I'll be giving you the targets.'' Lok'Bunlo said. You growled softly. ''What if this turns out as horrible as last time?'' You asked. ''What?'' Lok'Bunlo asked. ''In Jakullie, Gilium did the same thing to me.'' You replied. ''Well, this time, they have no priest, no mage, or wizard, whatsoever.'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Good point.'' You admitted. ''For now, get some rest.'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded.

Lok'Bunlo showed you to your house, it was stone, and on the inside, a nice, warm fire, a leather bed, an iron chest. ''Enjoy'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Thanks'' You replied. Lok'Bunlo left the house and closed the door behind him. You locked the door and stowed away your crossbow, arrows, and shots. The moonlight beamed in the small holes and gaps in the bricks, you looked up at the moon, it was a full moon. You howled the blessing of Nepmoon and went to sleep.

Chapter 36

  The first target.

You awoken, the chest was in front of you, you got up and blinked several times, trying to fight the tiredness. You grabbed and equipped your crossbow, then went outside.

On the outside, you stepped on a note, you picked it up and read it.

Meet me at the house of the council.

You tossed the note behind you and went over to the house of the council.

Once you entered, a hallway with a red carpet and paintings led down the hallway, and around a distant corner was voices. You took a step forward but a giant Shaxan blocked your way. You aimed your crossbow at it. It roared at you fiercely. You were about to fire until the council moved aside the Shaxan. ''Ah... if it isn't the storm hunter.'' A panther said. A panther looked at you with an angry expression, he looked like the one that said ''you're kind will hear our words of rage.'' ''This wolf isn't the storm hunter at all.'' He hissed. ''Come now, Aglier, the storm hunter maybe a wolf, and killed one of the council, it doesn't prove he is an enemy, in fact, he saved Jil'Tara from those black hand fiends.'' Lok'Bunlo said. Aglier snuffed and walked away. ''So storm hunter, are you here for your first target or questions?'' Lok'Bunlo asked. ''First target.'' replied. ''Your first target is Vash Hisser, kill him along with anyone who stands in your path.'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded and turned around, then head outside.    

Vash Hisser was hiding in these old mines called ''Hydra hide dead mine.'' It used to be a Jil'Tara mine until the Rapture gang raided it for it's special Gneiss and Quartz, and valuable diamond...

Once you entered the mines, they were guarded by three black hand mercenaries stood with Clockwork guns. The life bar on the side was full and was ready to fire. A phone started ringing on one of the snakes, he answered it and yelled words out loud. ''Yes? oh it's you Lieutenant Huigufik, what's that? A wolf with a crossbow? How can a lone wolf carry that crossbow and kill anyone? Luck? Fine, we'll cover this area.'' The snake said. ''What was that about?'' Another snake asked. ''Huigufik was just warning us about some bounty hunter.'' The snake replied. You armed Nepmoon's pride. You fired at the guns and they started pinging ''error!'' You started firing super darts. One snake died, but the rest were still alive when there guns were repaired. The gun's barrels started glowing green, one snake fired, and you dodged, but a small explosion of impact came from where the bullet hit, you got knocked off your feet but recovered. The other snake fired at you and turned into dust, but he missed, the impact knocked you off your feet again. You got up again and started heading inside the mines.

On the inside, veins of Talc hung from the walls, nothing was special about them. You walked on toward light at the end.

Once you reached the light, a mine cart greeted you with a shiny shimmer. You got on the mine cart. It led toward another mine, you travels halfway then the track blew up, once the mine cart was falling, you jumped toward the cave. You managed to grip the edge, you glanced down at the falling mine cart, at the bottom there were some explosive barrels.  They all exploded once the mine cart hit them. You climbed up the ledge and moved forward. Shortly after, there was a demolition group. ''I don't think even Pheonix could survive such mass power.'' A snake said. ''Let's just hope that bounty hunter fell.'' A devil cat murmured. You loaded your crossbow with a normal arrow and peaked out the corner with your crossbow. You fired at the devil cat, a solid head shot. ''What the?!'' The snake yelled. You fired scatter darts at the snake. ''HOW DID THE BOUNTY HUNTER LIVE? SHOOT THE WOLF DOWN!'' Ordered the snake. The snake was talking to no one... The snake fired a shotgun at you, all the bullets missed. You fired a whole clip of super darts at the snake. Several missed, but most of him got him, he was still breathing. He fired his shotgun at you again. Only one bullet pierced your pelt. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and fired an arrow at the snake. The snake finally died. You reloaded and moved on.

A window was in the next room, and outside the window was a mine cart in the center of the room, and some tracks circling the room. The silence... it's too quiet... A mine cart was on your left. You hopped in the mine cart, it had a lever inside it. You pulled the lever and the mine cart started moving.

Chapter 37

   Vash Hisser's end

The mine cart stopped, Vash Hisser was in the center of the room, with a full set of diamond armor on the front, but leather on the back of his back. ''So, the ''storm hunter'' comes here, to face me?'' Vash asked. ''Yes.'' You replied. ''Then we shall settle the score!'' Vash hissed. tracks started forming around the room. Vash pulled a lever, and both you and he started moving. And both of you started traveling along the tracks that circle the room.  You turned back and shot Vash's mine cart (which slows it down a little bit.) ''Even if you do slow down my cart a little bit, I will continue to rolling behind you!'' Vash yelled.  You looked ahead, there was a little track shifter and a button. You shot the button, and the tracks shifted. You went on another pathway that led behind his mine cart. You fired super darts at Vash Hisser's back.  Vash had trouble turning around. You spent a whole clip of super darts before Vash turned around, and that heavy armor was impossible to penetrate with darts or arrows. You reloaded and fired scatter darts at the track shifter button. One dart managed to hit it. The tracks shifted and Vash was now behind you, with his back, once again, vulnerable. You turned around and fired normal arrows and super darts at Vash's back.  After twenty seven (27) super darts and twelve normal arrows, Vash turned around. You fired at the track shifter button and appeared behind Vash Hisser's cart. But he already turned his front toward you. You shot the track shifter button again and Vash appeared behind you. You fired scatter darts at his back. Vash screamed. ''Well... aren't you... lucky...'' Vash sobbed. Vash laid his head on a lever in his mine cart and the track shifted toward a gate. And your mine cart raced down into the dark hole.

once you stopped, you crashed right into a spike, it didn't breach your mine cart, but it did stop it. You got out of the mine cart, and shortly Vash's mine cart crashed into yours. ''Now how am I going to prove that you're dead?'' You asked Vash's corpse. You ran your paws across Vash's pockets, you fell something solid in one of his pockets. You reached in and pulled it out, it was a piece of diamond, it looked very sharp, and very tough...

Diamond dart stealth dart (Launches a diamond dart, these little things are small, but they're very sharp, and very tough, you can only carry ten a clip, and they're semi-automatic, also, they create no noise when fired.)

You put the diamond darts into your pocket and walked back to Jil'Tara

Chapter 38

Very Ruthless Redfang

 Once you got back to Jil'Tara, Lok'Bunlo, the shaman, and everyone except Anglier smiled at you. ''We heard all over the news, Vash Hisser dead again!'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded. ''Now, who will be my next target?'' You asked. ''Your next target is Ruthless Redfang, killing him should get rid of those pesky guardians.'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded. ''  Good luck.'' Lok'Bunlo granted. ''Where can I find Ruthless Redfang?'' You said, stalling. ''Ask the panther camps at Magmor forest.'' The shaman replied. You remembered those camps, sold you to Ruthless Redfang in the first place. ''I trust this will work, because those panthers one time sold me to Ruthless Redfang.'' You said. ''We heard, but we also informed.'' Lok'Bunlo replied. You nodded and headed to Magmor forest.

Chapter 39

   A primal target

 Once you arrived at Magmor forest, a panther ran up to you. ''Greetings, storm hunter, you come here to know the way to Ruthless Redfang?'' The panther asked. You nodded. ''Well, when we sold you, it was at a little vault near Jakullie.'' Wasn't that the exit? ''Thanks, I know where that is.'' You said. ''Good luck...'' You turned and headed for Jakullie.

Once you arrived at Jakullie, everyone turned at you and started running. Even the emerald pup was running the opposite direction. ''What?'' You asked yourself. Guards started approaching you. ''You're that ''storm hunter'' fellow aren't you?'' A guard asked. ''Well, I think so.'' You replied. ''Jake placed a large bounty on you, nine thousand Yullie, I can make a life-time retirement for your crossbow.'' The guard murmured. ''Do you even know who I am?'' You asked. ''The storm hunter, why?'' The guard asked. ''I'm also that bounty hunter this city calls ''hero''.'' You replied. 'You really going to believe this jerk off Phillip?'' A guard asked. ''Tear him apart!'' Phillip yelled. The guards started attacking you. You equipped Nepmoon's pride and shot Phillip, it managed to soak his armor and turned him solid. ''I can't move!'' Phillip yelled.You shot another guard and turned his armor solid as well. A guard swiped at you, missed. You shot Nepmoon's pride and of course, got him. ''I don't want to kill my own kind, I have another destiny other then becoming a bounty hunter, to a bounty hunted.'' You said. You moved on to the vault.

You entered the vault, it was dark, but you heard breathing on the inside. The microphones started crackling. ''No! I feel it! The bounty hunter, HERE! My pets, do not let this freak to me! I have to plan! PLAN!!!!!'' Ruthless Redfang yelled. Zezoms started bouncing into the room. You equipped super darts and fired at them. Dozens of zezom swarmed in, it cost you two clips of super darts and two zezom bites to clear it. You reloaded and moved on. 

The next room looked NOTHING like it did the last time you were here, once you entered, two snake samurai stood there laughing. ''I love it when the guardian wins!'' A snake samurai laughed. You fired a diamond darts at one of the snake samurai, he pulled out his katana and blocked it all behind him. They both turned around. ''The bounty hunter is here...'' A snake samurai whispered. ''You might as well give up! You stand no chance!'' A snake samurai yelled. ''You can block everything... except this!'' You yelled. You pulled out a vortex sender and stabbed yourself with it near them. You exploded and the snake samurai flew to the wall, they both hit their spines against the wall and died. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer.  A pit was in front of you, it had a guardian and several dead bears. ''Cruel little snakes aren't they?'' You asked yourself The guardian didn't seem to notice you. You walked around the pit to search for a door, there was no door... You looked inside the pit, there was a door right there, and a gate leading inside the pit. ''Looks like the only way through is through that door...'' You whispered to yourself. You opened the gate, once you opened it, the guardian glanced at you, it's eye was closed and had claw marks on it. It fired rockets at you, you hid behind the iron bars of the pit, the explosions ripped open the pit, you fired scatter darts and normal arrows at the guardian. All hit him, the guardian approached and swiped at you, those mechanical legs can stab through your skull. You managed to dodge and you fired more scatter darts at the guardian. It finally died. You moved on.

The next room had an iron door and two doors at the side. You went up to the iron door and tried to pull it open. It wouldn't budge. You heard a scream and you reacted by staggering back and tripping. ''What the h-'' You gasped. You got up. ''How am I going to get in?'' You asked yourself. You looked at the two doors, a picture was on the two doors, both of them showing different guardians, the one on the left shown a guardian with rocket attachments and had golden legs, and the right picture shown a picture of a guardian with laser turret attachments and pyrite legs. ''Maybe killing these two guardians will open this iron door, then I'll figure out what that scream was.'' You said to yourself, you went over to the left door first.

The room was big and there was no one in the room, the door behind you locked and the guardian hopped in the room. You armed your crossbow. ''I'm gonna make you wish you were never you!'' You yelled. The guardian screamed so loud, your ears felt like they were bleeding. You equipped Nepmoon's pride and shot at the guardian's legs, the guardian got immobilized for a while. You started firing super darts at it. It took a clip of super darts until it was fully functional again. The guardian fired rockets at you. You dodged both of them and their explosions. You fired scatter darts at the guardian, most hit him but he was still standing. You raised your crossbow, but the zezom didn't resist or react. ''Stop! I submit!'' The guardian yelled. ''What? did you just talk?'' You asked. ''Yes... I did...'' The guardian replied. You raised an eyebrow. ''My people... us zezoms suffer... because of Ruthless Redfang... please... save my people.'' The guardian pleaded. The guardian closed his eyes, but the mechanical eye was still moving on his forehead. The eye is controlling the guardian! The eye turned red and started shivering at the sight of you. You fired a diamond dart at it. It smashed into pieces and you left the room.

You entered the other room with the other guardian, the other guardian had a machine gun attachment! The guardian screamed. You aimed your crossbow at the mechanical eye. You fired super darts at the eye, all missed. The guardian fired it's machine gun at you, you stabbed yourself with blood of a cheetah and started running around the room. All the bullets were missing.After a hundred bullets, the machine gun finally overheated. You fired an arrow at the eye, it got it! The guardian fell, the guardian shrunk back to a normal zezom. The zezom looked up at you, then left the room. You left the room after him.

The door to the next door was open, but the zezom left in this tiny hole in the wall. You entered the next, dark, creepy room.

You entered the next room, you stood still, there was no one in the room. You felt something wet on your head, was it a leech? You felt it and identified it, drool. You looked up, a giant, four legged guardian was hanging on the roof! It dropped down, you ran ahead before it can even crush you. Once it landed, it didn't look anything like the other guardians, it had four legs, a plasma rifle, and the giant zezom was a zahkaz! And also; it's mechanical eye was shielded. You raised your crossbow. ''Yes, my pet! FEED! FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!'' Ruthless Redfang yelled.  The guardian fired it's plasma rifle at you. You dodged it. You fired scatter darts at the guardian. All hit him. The guardian sucked in his cheeks and then spat out some teeth projectiles, several hit you. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker. The guardian fired it's plasma rifle at you, it got you and disabled your pulse shocker. It also took away your breath. You breathed for a few seconds then looked up, the guardian stabbed at you. You dodged. You fired Nepmoon's pride at the mechanical eye, it hit it and the shield surrounding the mechanical eye changed color (blue to green). The guardian sucked in his cheeks and spat out teeth. Some shot you, and you started hearing your heart pump. (Which means you're almost dead...)  You stabbed yourself with a heart healer. The guardian leaped at you and stabbed at you. He missed. You fired Nepmoon's pride at the mechanical eye, it hit and the shield changed color (green to yellow)  The plasma launcher went in the guardian's body and was replaced with a harpoon! The harpoon was fired at you, it missed but then exploded. You got knocked over once it exploded. You got up and fired Nepmoon's pride at the mechanical eye. It missed. The guardian stabbed at you, missed. You fired another Nepmoon's pride at the mechanical eye. It got it and the shield turned red. The guardian fired it's harpoon at you, you dodged both the harpoon itself and the explosion. You fired Nepmoon's pride at the eye one last time, finally the shield was down. But the eye turned red and started shaking with rage. The zahkaz shrunk into it's normal size but the guardian's mechanical body was still active, it fired it's harpoon at you, you dodged/ You fired scatter darts at the eye, missed.The body charged at you, it got you and pinned you up to the wall. It started stabbing your body. After five stabs, it let you go, everything was red, you stabbed yourself with a heart healer and fired scatter darts at the eye (which was right in front of you.) One dart got it and it was destroyed. ''What? OXK12! RESPOND...! YOU COLD BLOODED BRUTE, YOU'RE APPEARANCE MAYBE WOLF! BUT INSIDE I CAN SEE A SPARK OF HUMANITY WITHIN YOU! YOU... YOU...-'' Ruthless Redfang started calling you stuff. You ignored them and moved in.

The next room had a ghostblade in it. The ghostblade held up his sword, and then two other ghostblades appeared on the side of him. You raised your crossbow. All three of the ghostblades charged at you. You fired at the center one, got him but the ghostblade disappeared. You fired at the right, disappeared. The ghostblade reached you and slashed at you, got you, but just a scratch. Once he hit you, he turned into a ghost and vanished. The ghostblade appeared at the far end of the room. The ghostblade raised his sword and five clones of him appeared next to him. They all started charging. You fired at the left one. It hit him and the rest of the ghostblades disappeared. The ghostblade that got hit was stunned and was whirling his head around in the air. You started firing super darts at the ghostblade. After a whole clip, he died. You reloaded and moved on.

Chapter 40

  Lunatic Redfang

You entered the next room, it had no one in it, but there were these glass windows.You peaked into one, it had a zezom, gripped tightly by a mechanical hand, but a drill hung over it's head. The zezom looked up at you, all puppy eyed. You glanced at the controls... There was a little slot on the bottom.

zezom blood

Over that was two buttons.

obtain and let go

You pressed ''let go''. The zezom was released and the zezom smiled at you, zezoms RARELY smiled. The zezom went into this tiny hole under a door, you walked around the room, pressing ''let go'' at every button. 

After you pressed ''let go'' at all of the chambers, you moved on to the next room.

Chapter 41

 Ending Ruthless Redfang

 You entered Ruthless Redfang's room. Redfang was standing in the center of the room, the room was circular. ''So, you did make it...'' Ruthless Redfang said. ''Yeah... and I'm going to end your little lunacy.'' You said. ''Lunacy? Oh... you're talking about the zezoms back there, well... that was for my little defensive operation.'' Ruthless Redfang replied. ''Defensive operation?'' You asked. Ruthless Redfang had something in his paw, it was shaped like a heart healer but the liquid in it was dark red. (Heart healer is light red) Redfang held up the shot to his heart. ''You're about to find out...'' Ruthless Redfang said. He stabbed himself with the heart healer... thing.

First... he was silent.

Then... he was getting shaky.

And then, his legs started sucking into his body! and his teeth grown on the bottom jaw, and his hair grew longer! And he turned into... a giant, red furred, ZEZOM!

Redfang roared at you. You raised your crossbow and fired super darts at him. He started hopping over to you. After a clip of super darts, you reloaded and continued firing. Redfang roared at you, and all the super darts you fired were reflected back at you, you dodged them all. You continued firing once Redfang stopped roaring. after a whole clip, Ruthless Redfang roared then turned back to his normal self. ''That was easy.'' You said to yourself.  You went up to Ruthless Redfang and looted him.

Zezom arrow firefight (A very heavy arrow, the zezom arrow is very sharp and also reloads fast, but it makes a very loud zezom roar once fired, the fur on the end also tickles your nose!)

''I guess it was a little... stupid to become a zezom...'' Redfang murmured weakly. ''It was greatly, actually.'' You said. Zezoms and zahkazs started hopping into the room. Redfang laughed weakly. ''But, you're to late, for your about to become a great meal...'' Redfang said. The zahkazs sucked in their cheeks, you raised your crossbow and aimed at one. The zahkazs fired, but they missed and hit all all of Ruthless Redfang's paws.

''GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'' Redfang screamed. You realized that they weren't after you, they were after Redfang. You lowered your crossbow. The zezoms surrounded Redfang, And the zahkaz you fought earlier (Redfang's ''pet'') Went up to Redfang's head, he sniffed him twice, then roared. All the zezoms roared. You turned to leave, hearing the zezoms feasting... and Redfang screaming...

Chapter 42

 New allies

 You came back to Jil'Tara, but once you arrived, a school of zezoms just hopped pass you. You raised an eyebrow. You went up to Lok'Bunlo. ''Ever since rumor came around about Ruthless Redfang dying by his own zezoms, zezoms started coming here.'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Well, I did save them.'' You said. ''So, i guess that is why...'' Lok'Bunlo said. The shaman went up to you. ''Good news, our blacksmith just made you some armor...'' The shaman said. ''Really?'' You asked. The shaman nodded. ''So where is it?'' You asked. The shaman waved his paw around and some gear appeared next to you. They were all part blue, mostly grey. You put the gear on, the helmet was like a blue samurai helmet, the body armor was nothing special, just blue and grey like the rest of the tier. Their was also leg armor and paw armor. ''The smith called this set, ''blue highborn'' armor.'' The shaman said. ''Thanks, it's really good...'' You said, smiling. ''Thank you shaman, anyhow, I think you deserve a little two day rest.'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Alright.'' You said. It was getting dark. Lok'Bunlo walked away. You went to your house to fall asleep.

Chapter 43


You woke up, it was night... but someone was in your house. You got up, it was Anglier. He locked your door. ''You are not the storm hunter...'' Anglier murmured. ''Why do you hate me... or wolves so much?'' You asked.

''Because your kind is not allowed here in Jil'Tara, our home, not yours!''

''Perhaps we can make a bargain?'' 

''How about this: you stand still, and I'll spill your blood around this room!''

''No deal...'' You replied. Anglier pulled out a knife. You opened your chest and pulled out your crossbow and armor, then equipped them. ''We both know who is going to win...'' You said. Anglier charged at you, holding up the knife. You dodged and fired a zezom arrow at him once he passed. There was knocking at the door. ''Open the door!'' Lok'Bunlo demanded, his voice muffled on the outside. Anglier swung his knife at you. You dodged. You fired another zezom arrow at him, he dodged. You fired scatter darts, several hit him. Anglier swung at you again, got you, but only a little scratch. The door started getting pounded hard. You fired Nepmoon's pride at Anglier, it hit him and started soaking his fur, which slowed him down. You went over to the door and unlocked it. It was breached and you got knocked over. ''Sorry'' Lok'Bunlo said. Anglier smiled suspiciously. ''What was happening, storm hunter? We heard firing and yelling.'' Lok'Bunlo said, some more panthers came in. ''Apparently, Anglier tried to kill me.'' You replied, getting back up. Lok'Bunlo glanced at Anglier then back at you. ''We'll arrest him.'' Lok'Bunlo whispered. The panthers walked over to Anglier and escorted him out. ''Sorry, enjoy the rest of your nap.'' Lok'Bunlo said, bowing before you. You smiled. ''It's okay, you enjoy your break too.'' You said. Lok'Bunlo smiled and left your house. You locked your door and unequipped your crossbow and armor, then put it back in the chest and gone back to sleep.

Chapter 44

  Shame-shooter Sam is back


You woke up, everything was blurry, you got up and everything straightened out. You equipped your armor and crossbow and went outside. Zezoms and shaxhans bounced about on the roads, and panthers walked around. You went over to the council house.

Once you entered, the shaman was at the front door, he was reading something... You went over to him and read the title.



A language that most speak


The shaman didn't bother glancing at you. You walked on through the hallway.

Once you entered the ''court room'' Lok'Bunlo and ''Redfang's pet'' were at a table in the center of the room. You approached. ''Ah, how was the rest, storm hunter?'' Lok'Bunlo asked. ''It was pretty good.'' You replied. ''You ready for your next mission?'' Lok'Bunlo asked. You nodded. ''Your next target is shame-shooter Sam, located here.'' Lok'Bunlo said, pointing at a map on the table. You glanced down at the map, it was in a desert, not far from Jil'Tara though. ''How come I have to do this alone again?'' You asked. ''You're storm hunter, and we're also saving up men for any invasions, and the final invasion...'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded. ''Oh, and by the way, the zahkaz's name is ''Killer'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Nice name...'' You said. You turned around left, heading for the desert.


Chapter 45



You went into the desert, it was pretty sandy but you walked on, and far over yonder was a pyramid, you went into the pyramid.

In the pyramid, was a maze, just without walls... the walls were instead a deep abyss, you glanced up, there was a giant stone cube Shame-shooter Sam was on. ''Good to see you again bounty hunter!'' Sam yelled. ''Good to see you too...'' You replied, murmuring. ''You ready to have some fun?! Cause I am!'' Sam yelled. Sam shot at your paw, it missed. You ran behind a wooden plat. You heard Sam laughing. My arrows will never it make it to where Sam is... if I cross this little maze without getting hit... it could probably lead up to where Sam is... and I can take him from there... Seems like you had a plan... You stabbed yourself with blood of the cheetah and started running across the maze, Sam shot you, you dodged. ''That wolf is running fast! get him!'' Sam ordered. Sam shot you again, missed. Snake samurai appeared in front of you, you bypassed them.

Once you reached the second part of the maze, it was a straight line toward the third part. You ran through, but the blood of the cheetah worn off when you were half way there and you slowed down. Sam shot you, got your body. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and moved on.

You reached the third part of the maze, it had all these curves but the end was blocked by a wooden gate, there were several levers, so you guessed that they were connected to the gate. You ran through the maze, you reached the lever and pulled it, Sam did shoot you during the process. But you were fine, the gate opened and you ran toward it. Sam shot at you, got you and everything was red. You made it to the fourth part of the maze... you stabbed yourself with a heart healer and ran, it was basically a U shape until a ramp that was going up the stone platform Sam was on. You ran through. Sam attempted to shoot you several times, but he kept missing. Once you climbed up the pathway. You raised your crossbow, you knew Sam would be helpless with a close-ranged sniper rifle. Sam dropped his sniper rifle and pulled out a Pheonix knife. ''I do hope you know that you're facing more than what people call ''Shame-shooter Sam''. Sam hissed. ''We really skipping on to politics?'' You asked. Sam swung at you, you dodged and shot a scatter darts at him. All hit him. Sam swung at you again, you dodged and fired another set of scatter darts at him. All smacked him in the face. You ran back several feet to the edge of the stone platform and fired zezom arrows and super darts. Lots of them missed but hit him as well. Sam had trouble reached you until you ran out of super darts. Sam swung at you, got you but you were still fine. You fired Nepmoon's pride at him, and his armor was soaking with water. You then fired scatter darts at him, he slowly moved toward you. You fired a zezom arrow and that one arrow finished him off. You looted Sam's corpse and got an arrow.

Sniper dart stealth (This sniper dart allows you to scope in and silence-kill a target, it is so sharp it should instantly kill a snake! However, it is so accurate it won't be of any use in close-ranged combat.)

You equipped it and zoomed in on a little button that was in the wall on the other side. You fired at it and a drawbridge came down on your left. You crossed it.

Chapter 46

 Why should I?

You entered the room, the drawbridge behind you broke. ''No going back now.'' You whispered to yourself. You held up your crossbow and continued.

The first room had some rats chewing away at human skulls. The rats glanced at you once you walked into the room. The rats started charging at you. You fired super darts at them. Several got hit, but some jumped at you and started nibbling on you like zezoms. You shook them off and crushed them. A rat bit your leg and everything became red, you shook him off and shot him, then stabbed yourself with a heart healer.  Every color became as it is. You moved on.

The next room was tiny, it had a smell hole drilled through the floor, you jumped down it.

Down the hole was a circular room, a wolf was on the other side. 

''You! help me!''

You approached him, once you got close, he seemed familiar. ''Can you get me out?'' He asked. You suddenly recognized his voice. It was Phillip! ''Why should I?'' You asked. Phillip's eyes started growing. You raised an eyebrow but heard soft breathing behind you. You turned around, a purple devil cat stood there. ''Oh hello!'' She greeted. You remained silent. She chuckled. ''No worry, twinkle toes, you don't have to be shy...'' She said, she started laughing like a lunatic. ''Do you know who I am?'' She asked, chuckling. ''No.'' You replied. She laughed. ''Oh you jest, you joker!, you... joking jest! I'm Lovefang!'' She replied, laughing.

Chapter 47

 Joking Lovefang

 You raised your crossbow and fired at her, she performed a back flip and threw a grenade at you, it exploded and you started choking! You got out of the smoke grenade and found Lovefang, you fired scatter darts at her. She dodged and threw another grenade at you. You got out of it and started breathing heavily. You aimed and fired a zezom arrow at Lovefang, she dodged and jumped on the roof. ''Come back down here!'' You yelled. ''Nu uh!'' She replied. Wooden puppets with swords started coming down armed with wooden swords. One swung at you, you dodged and fired at his head, it got it and fell off. You aimed at the other one and fired super darts, all hit it and it's head fell off as well. Lovefang jumped down and tossed a smoke grenade, you dodged and the smoke didn't choke you, you fired scatter darts at Lovefang, two darts hit her. She fell to the floor and closed her eyes, and stopped breathing. You went over to her. ''That was easy.'' You murmured. You turned around but suddenly, felt sharp pain on your back, you turned around, she was pretending dead! You aimed your crossbow at her and fired more scatter darts at her, several hit her. She jumped back up the roof and three puppets fell, armed with wooden maces, two swung at you, you ducked and they both hit each other. You fired super darts at the last puppet, all hit him and the last puppet shattered. Lovefang came down and threw a smoke grenade at you, it stuck to your chest, it was a sticky smoke grenade! I blew up and you choked. You got out of the smoke and breathed heavily. You fired scatter darts and a zezom arrow at Lovefang. The zezom arrow plus three darts hit her, she fell on the floor very roughly. You went over to her, she was on her side, you put your paw in front of her, no breathing. You went over to Phillip. ''I can make a bargain.'' He said while you approached. ''What kind?'' You asked. ''We'll help you defeat the Rapture gang.'' Phillip said. You rolled your eyes and released Phillip. ''Alright, where is that panther place called again?'' Phillip asked. ''Jil'Tara.'' You replied. ''Alright, meet you back there.'' Phillip said. Phillip ran to the exit and vanished out of it. You looted Lovefang, nothing... you headed back to Jil'Tara.

Chapter 48

  More allies!

Once you got back, wolf guards guarded Jil'Tara, you walked back the standing guards and headed toward the council house.

In the council house, you heard Phillip talking with Lok'Bunlo. Once you got into the planning room, everything gone silent.

''Oh, you've returned.'' Lok'Bunlo said. You nodded. ''The shaman wanted you for something... I have no idea what it was.'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Anything else?'' You asked. ''Good job getting Shame shooter Sam, your wolf like friends will be quite useful...'' Lok'Bunlo replied. You turned around to leave but something hit you on the head. (not literally) you turned around to Lok'Bunlo.

''I thought you can't speak English.''  

''I read the shaman's dictionary, and memorized it.''

You nodded and left.

Chapter 49


The shaman sat in the jungle, with his eyes closed and remaining still. You approached him. ''You summoned me?'' You asked the shaman. ''Yes, I did.'' The shaman replied. You sat beside the shaman. ''What do you need?'' You asked. ''Nothing, all you just need to do is meditate.'' The shaman said. The shaman closed his eyes and took a deep breath. You did the same, you started hearing your heart pump, your blood rush, and then... the forest's movements. It was almost as if your spirit released from your body and became the forest itself. You could hear a butterfly wing's flutter. And then, you opened your eyes. ''How was it?'' The shaman asked. ''Wha- oh, it was good.'' You replied. ''Glad you liked it, anyhow, get some rest, you'll need it.'' The shaman said. You nodded and you headed home.

Once you got home, you opened your chest and fond a picture. You picked it up and examined it. It showed Anglier and Nella, were they married? They obviously were. ''So that's why he hated me so much.'' You said to yourself. You stowed your crossbow away in the chest and fell asleep... you're almost there... to the end...

Chapter 50

  That old human cavern

 You woke up, it was morning, you got up and equipped your armor and crossbow. And went over to the council house.

In the council house, Lok'Bunlo greeted you, along with Killer. You approached them. ''I think you know your next target.'' Lok'Bunlo said. ''Martin Pon Peter?'' You asked. Lok'Bunlo nodded. ''Also, take this, the blacksmith crafted up some armor for you called emerald armor.'' Lok'Bunlo handed over some green looking armor, you equipped it, it had a viking helmet with spiked leg gauntlets. ''Neat.'' You commented. ''Alright, you ready to take on Martin Pon Peter?'' Lok'Bunlo asked. You nodded. ''Alright, good luck, and remember, Martin is hiding in some old human cavern'' Lok'Bunlo said. You left and headed for Martin Pon Peter's old hideout. 

Chapter 51

  Someone is about to have a bad day.

You approached Martin's hideout. Echoing of steam and mechanical legs came out of the entrance. You swallowed and descended into the dark place. 

The first room had a ghostblade in the center. The ghostblade didn't seem to see you. You equipped diamond darts and a sniper dart and then aimed at the ghostblade's head, you had a perfect shot, you fired the sniper dart and diamond darts. All hit the ghostblade and the ghostblade died instantly. You went on to the next room.

The next room was a museum, guarded by many black hand mercenaries. ''I'm getting tired of this, what fool would wander into here? No hairless zezom ain't getting pass that ghostblade.'' One of the guards said. ''You're talking to yourself again.'' Another guard replied. You aimed at one of the guards and fired. It silently killed him, no witnesses. You aimed at another guard, that has no witnesses. You fired at him and silent killed him too. ''Hey! What the?!'' A guard gasped. You glanced at that guard, he was near the first corpse. He unsheathed his weapon and started patrolling. The other guards did the same. You aimed at a guard and fired a sniper dart, missed and the guard found you. ''There is that annoying bounty hunter!'' The guard called. You equipped the zezom arrow and super darts and unleashed super darts on the guards. One of them was packed with darts, but a bullet hit your leg. Once you landed, your leg was in so much pain, you slid across the floor instead of landing. Your leg was bleeding badly, you dragged yourself to cover. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and the wound on your leg started healing. You peaked out of cover and fired super darts. Several hit the guard but more missed. After several darts that guard was taken care of. ''Overwhelm this pest!'' A guard called. A guard fired at you. You took cover and it passed by. You peaked out and fired scatter darts and zezom arrows at the guard who fired at you recently. The zezom arrow hit his head and he fell down. There were only three guards left. You slid over to another piece of cover. The three guards fired at the same time, all missed. You fired at one of the guards, all the darts hit him and he fell. The two guards fired at you, one hit you but the other missed. You were bleeding quiet badly. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer. The wound repaired itself. You took a moment to breath then stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker. You got out of cover and kept firing at the guards. Most of them missed but one guard was down before the pulse shocker was destroyed. You fired a zezom arrow at the last guard and it got him in the head. You moved on to the next room.

Chapter 52

  Martin's game.

 You entered an empty room, but there was a snake in a cage. ''You, dear mother Russia! Get ve out of zis mouse trap!'' The snake ordered, he was Russian. You approached him. Where is Martin po- a box trapped you, interrupting your thoughts. Martin laughed, there was a window in the box. ''Did you really fall for this trap?!'' Martin asked, laughing. ''Who was that guy in the cage?'' You asked Martin. Martin stopped laughing. ''You were looking at Demetri.'' Martin replied. ''What do you want Martin? Why'd you put me in this cage?'' You asked. ''Simple, I haven't played a human like game in years, and I thought to myself: 'why not play it with that bounty hunter?' so, here you are.'' Martin replied. The box lifted up, and Martin was in a box as well, and something appeared on the screen, it had a title on the top.                             

                                                              Jeopardy II

                 Gods                                       History                                 Humans

                 100                                          100                                          100

                 200                                          200                                          200

                 300                                          300                                          300

                 400                                          400                                          400

                 500                                          500                                          500

A remote control thing appeared in front of you, a microphone was also in front of you, a loudspeaker came on. ''You choose first! Bewegen sich schneller!'' (Translation: Move faster!) Martin yelled through the loudspeaker. You moved the controller over to gods, 400, the question was:

What is the name of the Earth god who thus, was killed

 by Viroun after Earth was created? 



C. Turio

D. Guret

You didn't know this one, you just chose A. After ten seconds, the answer shown, it was A, Kroi, you got 400$ It said now it was Martin's turn. He voted for history 500, the question was:

                                                                Who was the leader of

                                                                the great invasion?

A. Crypto



D. Sandwich

You knew this one, it was Zanzos, the leader of the great invasion, which is what led to the extinction of humans. You pressed B. And the answers were shown. It was (obviously) B.Zanzos,  It was your turn to vote now. You voted gods for 500, the question was: 

                                                Who wanted to be the god of air?

A. Ali'Kara



D. Turio 

You chose D because Turio was the god of air, the results came up and it was A! Ali'Kara. ''What?!''Martin asked out loud through the loudspeaker. You and Martin lost 500 points. Martin selected the next question. Humans 200,

 Who is the guy that led Balto and his team



C. Balto

D. Togo

You chose A, Gunnar, and the results came up, it was A, and Martin got it wrong. Martin screamed through the loudspeaker and you grown almost deaf. The screen made a message pop up,

Final question! Make your wagers!


Add: |1| |10| |100| |1000|

You added a random number (510) you inserted, and Martin wagered all of his money. The final question came up:

What is the best age passed down within history?




D.Asian dynasties

It was pretty obvious, Martin is German, so he must mean the German age. You pressed C. You got it right and got 510. And Martin got all of his money, but you still won. The loudspeaker came on.

''Das ist Betrug, THAT IS CHEATING!'' Martin yelled. ''How so?'' You asked him. ''Because, you have something in there, some antwortbogen'' Martin replied. ''I 'don't have any answer sheet.'' You said. ''enough liegt! we settle this German style!'' Martin yelled. The box lowered to the ground with extreme force and smashed into pieces. Martin was in the center with a spider walker, armed with a mini-gun, plasma launcher, and he himself had a human like shotgun. ''Dance ya ballerina dancer! dance...'' Martin said. Martin fired the shotgun, you dodged. You armed a zezom arrow and scatter darts. You fired the scatter darts, Martin ducked and fired his shotgun at you. You dodged. You fired a zezom arrow and scatter darts. Several hit him, but the mini-gun charged up. You stabbed yourself with a pulse shocker, the mini-gun kept shooting you, and it caused a lot of force, but it didn't pierce the pulse shocker. After a long round the mini-gun melted. Martin reloaded his shotgun and fired at you. One bullet hit you. You fired scatter darts at Martin, several hit him, the plasma rifle charged up. You stabbed yourself with blood of the cheetah and ran around the room. Stand still you dumkohf!'' Martin yelled. The plasma rifle fired at you, you dodged but the explosion knocked you down. You got up, but a bullet hit you, and everything turned red. You stabbed yourself with a heart healer and things were no longer red. You fired scatter darts and Martin, and the spider walker started moving side to side. The spider walker charged into the wall and exploded. But Martin climbed out with anger in his eyes. ''You destroy my projects, kill my men, cheat at my game, and destroy my FAVORITE SPIDER WALKER?!'' Martin asked. ''Yep.'' You replied. Martin screamed and pulled a Clockwork gun. Martin pulled the trigger and his life started going into the gun tubes. ''Now is the time! Attack!'' Demetri yelled. Demetri bent the pipes to his cage and charged at Martin. Martin released the Clockwork gun and it flew onto the wall. A hook made the Clockwork gun hang in place. (on the wall) Martin raised his fists and punched Demetri. ''Help me with this one wolf!'' Demetri ordered. You fired scatter darts at Martin, but when it all hit Martin, it only angered him and he punched you, blood came from your mouth. Demetri punched Martin's cheek and Martin punched him back. You fired scatter darts at Martin, and he didn't punch you because you were out of range. Demetri punched Martin and he finally was out cold. Demetri picked him up and put him on his shoulder. ''Thank you wolf for rescuing m- wait... I know you.'' Demetri said. ''Yes, I saved your city from Zahck.'' You replied. ''Ah, and so I double owe you, I'd destroy this gang if it meant killing myself.'' Demetri said. ''You;re in luck, the panthers of Jil'Tara, zezoms, and the wolves from Jakullie are doing the same.'' You said. ''Really? Then I'll let me city join you in defeating that beast ''Huigufik'' Demetri exclaimed. ''Meet you at Jil'Tara.'' You said. Demetri nodded and turned toward the wall. You took the elevator, and pressed the button to go up. Demetri punched the wall and climbed a ladder.


Chapter 53

   They're mad...

You returned back to Jil'Tara, but it was on fire. You ran over to it. The shaman was near a bunch of burning corpses, the place was littered with panther corpses, black hand corpses, snake samurai corpses, and snake samurai corpses. The shaman was angry, ''you came just in time.'' The shaman said. ''What happened?'' You asked. ''Invasion, many died, all of them snakes and panthers, but we lost many council members.'' The shaman replied. ''Who died?'' You asked. ''Huiop, Juorje, Muiop'yern, Lok'Bunlo, and Teriouz.'' The shaman replied. ''Lok'Bunlo died?'' You asked. The shaman nodded. ''There is three council members now, me, Anglier, and Sargent Buck.'' The shaman said. ''Demetri came over to you behind you. ''I also see you got Cobra fang city on our side.'' The shaman said. The shaman appeared to try to smile but he can't because of the sacrifices. ''Go get some-'' The shaman hesitated because a tear came down his cheek. ''Go get some rest, you'll need it for tomorrow, for we're near the ending.'' The shaman said. You nodded and headed home.

Chapter 54

  He knew?

You closed the door behind you and opened your chest, but a note was in it. You pulled it out and read it.

 Dear storm hunter,

  Are you reading this when I'm dead? Good, yes, I know there is some confusion in this, but I was meant to die, and my son, Sargent Buck, was to take my place, no, I didn't suicide, and I know, we had fun times together, (maybe not really) but those are over, you'll have to continue on without me, for my paradise, lies in Atlantis...



P.S: You will prevail

You raised your eyebrow, he knew he was going to die? You unloaded your gear in the confusion and disarmed your crossbow, put it all in the chest and went to sleep.

Chapter 55

   The invasion plan.

You woke up, stretched and equipped your armor and crossbow. Then , you headed to the council house. Once you entered, a panther was waiting right there. ''There you are, come, we are planning the invasion.'' Sargent Buck ordered. You followed Sargent Buck to the meeting room.The shaman, Demetri, Phillip, and Killer were all there. ''Alright you sorry apes, here is the plan: Demetri and Phillip will be going head-on to the front gates, cause a little distraction.'' Sargent Buck said, pointing at the front gate of a castle. Demetri and Phillip nodded. ''Shaman Hinuget, your men will be sneaking in through the side, climbing over their puny walls.'' Sargent Buck said, pointing at the sides of the wall. Shaman Hinuget nodded. ''Storm hunter and Killer, you'll be sneaking in through the back way, destroy any catapults, and airships at the hanger.'' Sargent Buck said, pointing at the back of the castle then trailing to the hanger. ''Anything else?'' You asked. ''Yes, you'll also be taking care of Jake, his office is in that glass dome at the top of the castle.'' Sargent Buck replied, pointing at the glass dome. ''Do I have to repeat?'' Buck asked. No one said nothing. ''Move out! To the trucks!'' Buck ordered. Everyone left the council house. ''Wolf, I looted Martin, and I found this, I think it'll prove a use to you.'' Demetri said. Demetri handed you an arrow.

Plasma arrow firefight (This arrow can pierce targets, and also burn the skin off of enemies, however, it makes a loud noise once fired, so don't use this for stealth.)

You got in the truck, there was a snake, a panther, and some zezoms. The truck had green coating, and doors were on the back, which is where you climbed in on. Buck went on the back of the truck, everyone here good?'' Buck asked. ''I'm good.'' You replied. Everyone nodded except the zezoms. Buck closed the doors, and everything grew dark.

After thirty seconds, the truck started moving, and everything was so silent. ''Hey, wolf, I heard you were that ''storm hunter'' guy, good to meet you.'' The snake said, breaking the silence. ''Good to meet you too, finally this is all coming to an end.'' You said. ''Where did this Jake guy come from anyhow, I never heard him of being in the rapture gang.'' The panther asked. ''He used to be the person that gave me bounties, until I realized that he was using me, he hired the Rapture gang to kill me and wolves, panthers, and snakes from Cobra fang city.'' You replied. ''Dang coward.'' The snake replied. ''I agree.'' The panther said. The truck stopped. ''Are we there already?'' The snake asked. The door on the back opened, Buck was standing there. ''Quiet you fools!'' Buck said. You glanced up, there were bird like things that flew by so fast. ''What was that?'' You asked. ''Human technology, they call it ''planes''. '' Buck replied. ''And they're heading right for Jil'Tara!'' The panther said. ''Yes, we better be fast, the remaining guards at Jil'Tara will not hold off long.'' Buck said. Buck closed the backdoor and continued on.

Chapter 56

   The invasion

The truck stopped, and the back doors opened. ''Get out! nap time is over!'' Sargent Buck ordered. You got out of the truck and glanced at Jake's castle. Catapults were barraging the walls of the castle, but the castle was huge, it looked stable and it had harpoons firing at the invasion. ''Quit day dreaming storm hunter! Go to the back of the castle and sneak in!'' Buck ordered. You ran to the back of the castle, and Buck gave you a walk i-talkie, and it was also night.

Once you were on the back of the castle, there was no defenses, but the zezoms and Killer were there. The walk-i-talkie turned on. ''Alright! We're all in position! Attack!'' Buck ordered. Killer spat out teeth at the top of the castle walls, you threw a rope at the tooth, it hung on and you climbed it.

On the top of the walls, black hand mercenaries pointed at you and started firing. Panthers climbed on the walls and attacked them. You fired super darts at the black hand mercenaries. Zezoms jumped onto the mercenaries and bit them to pieces. After all the black hand mercenaries were killed, an elevator door opened, you went into the elevator, along with zezoms. The walk-i-talkie came on when the elevator gone down. ''Storm hunter, we'll be taking another elevator to destroy the defenses on the front gates! Good luck!'' A panther said.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened, black hand mercenaries were waiting there. ''Stop right there! You're under arrest under Jake's and Lieutenant Huigufik's word!'' A mercenary said. The zezoms near you started growling and leaped at the mercenaries, you continued on while the zezoms bit on the mercenaries.

The next room had a platform and an iron door that was locked ahead, there was a button the center. The zezoms bounced into the room. You pressed the button in the center, nothing happened for a few seconds. The door behind you closed, and the iron door had five locks, and one opened. The loudspeaker speaker came on. ''Someone is breaching the the museum, get him men!'' Jake yelled through the loudspeaker. ''Jake...'' You growled. Black hand mercenaries started teleporting inside, you took cover behind the button, them zezoms bit the mercenaries, you fired at the black hand mercenaries. Black hand mercenaries kept teleporting in. Your walk-i-talkie came on. ''Storm hunter! Jake hired imperial mercenaries! They're like titans, just slightly easier.'' The shaman said, there was firing in the background. Black hand mercenaries stopped teleporting, and a ghostblade appeared. The ghostblade cloned himself twice, and they started charging at you, the zezoms bit on the fake ones. You fired scatter darts at the real ghostblade. All hit him. The ghostblade swiped at you, you dodged, you fired a plasma arrow at the ghostblade, it got him and penetrated him, then hit the fake ones. The ghostblade was weak but he swiped at you, he hit you but it was a scratch. You fired scatter darts and he fell. The second locked unlocked. ''They're breaching!'' Jake yelled through loudspeaker. Black hand mercenaries teleported into the room, along with a big, red snake, it was an imperial mercenary! The zezoms jumped and bit the imperial mercenary, you fired super darts at the black hand mercenaries. Most missed but you managed to make them all fall. The third lock opened and a snake samurai spawned. You fired scatter darts at the snake samurai, he blocked every dart. The zezoms leaped at the snake samurai, but the armor didn't allow the zezoms to bite on the snake samurai's skin. you fired a plasma arrow at the snake, he tried to block it but it went through his sword. The snake samurai charged at you, you dodged and fired scatter darts at him, all hit the snake samurai's head. The snake samurai was bleeding, The snake samurai swung at you, he got you and he would've cut you in half if it weren't for your armor. You fired a plasma arrow at the snake samurai before everything became red. You dropped down to the ground and stabbed yourself with a heart healer and got back up. The third lock opened, and black hand mercenaries teleported in. The zezoms leaped at the mercenaries and bit on them. You fired scatter darts at the swarming mercenaries. A bullet got your paw, and it was split, you stabbed yourself with a heart healer and the paw returned back to normal. The mercenaries stopped spawning, and a necromancer came out. (The necromancer is an overpowered titan, they work for a lot and A LOT of money.)  The necromancer charged up his staff, you hid behind the button, and sparks rushed pass your head. You gone out of cover and fired scatter darts and zezom arrows at him. The necromancer charged up his lighting bolt and fired it at you while being hit with arrows and darts, the lightning hit you and you staggered while getting electrocuted.You reloaded and fired scatter darts at the necromancer, all hit him and the necromancer finally died. The zezoms jumping off of him as the final lock moved. the loudspeaker came on. ''Let's see here: eleven minutes... Oh! the loudspeaker is on!'' Jake said. ''What are they planning?'' You asked yourself. The loudspeaker shut off.

The next room was a museum. it had a key in the center. You approached the key, but then, a snake samurai crashed from the roof. ''Surprise!'' The snake samurai growled. The snake samurai pulled a weapon off his back... it was a MINI GUN! The mini gun twirled, there was plenty of cover, you jumped to the right behind a stone wall. The mini gun started firing. And the zezoms weren't there to help. How can I defeat this guy? You asked yourself. The mini gun started stopping, and the snake samurai pulled out a shotgun. You got out of cover and fired scatter darts at the snake samurai, all hit him, he fired, one bullet got you. You slid to the right, to another low stone wall. The snake samurai picked up his mini gun again and fired. ''So it's overheating... he puts down his mini gun so that it can warm up...'' You said to yourself, you'd hear yourself if the mini gun weren't firing. After a few seconds, the mini gun melted and the snake samurai picked up his shotgun. You slid out of cover and fired plasma arrows and diamond darts. He fired his shotgun, you slid to cover once he did and dodged the bullets. The snake samurai picked up his mini gun and started firing again. Your walk-i-talkie came on. ''Storm- us at- hanger!'' Sargent Buck yelled. ''What? I can't hear you under this firepower!'' You yelled. ''I said: Meet us at - hanger!'' Sargent Buck ordered. ''Got it!'' You replied. You put the walk-i-talkie away, and the mini gun melted on time. You slid out of cover and fired scatter darts at the snake samurai. The snake samurai didn't pull his shotgun on time to fire at you. You slid out of cover again and fired a plasma arrow plus scatter darts at him. All hit him, and he seemed close to death. The loudspeaker came on. ''Come on my trusted samurai! whoop the tail off that wolf!'' Jake yelled. The snake samurai fired his mini gun. You waited for a few seconds then the snake samurai's mini gun melted, you slid out of cover and fired plasma arrows and scatter darts at him. The snake samurai finally died. Jake growled through the microphone. You glanced at a camera and approached it. ''Listen to me Jake, when i come up there, you'll be meat.'' You said. You aimed at the camera and fired a normal arrow. The camera broke and you moved on.

The elevator took you up to the hanger, panthers were already up there. ''There you are, what took you so long?'' Sargent Buck asked. ''A snake samurai back there with a mini gun.'' You replied. ''Fair excuse, anyhow, we're pushing on to Jake's office! We'll take care of Huigufik, you go after Jake.'' Buck said. ''Alone?'' You asked. ''Jake is your fight, it is YOUR vengeance, not ours.'' Buck replied. You nodded. Demetri and Phillip were here to, and so was shaman Hinuget. ''Lets move out!'' Buck ordered. Everyone moved on through a big blast door.

It was a long hallway and big too, you encountered many guards, after an hour of fighting, you made it to the elevator that led to Jake's office. ''Good luck, Phillip said. ''You'll need!'' Buck said, they all went down a hallway to the right. You entered the elevator and pressed the button to go up, this was it... you are finally going to end this, once and for all...

Chapter 57

    Jake's office.

The elevator doors opened, you approached Jake's desk. ''Come on out Jake! I know you're here!'' You called out. A radio was on the desk, it turned on. ''Ah, how delightful, I hope you like the little ''present'' I left for you.'' Jake said, something appeared on your left, it was a nuke! ''You better run! I first set it on eleven minutes! and now we'll all go boom! in four minutes and twenty nine seconds!'' Jake said, laughing. The loudspeaker came on. ''Four minutes and twenty seconds until self-destruction.'' The loudspeaker said, it was robotic. You ran to the elevator and went down.

Chapter 58

  Make a run for it!

The elevator opened. The loudspeaker came on. ''Four minutes until self-destruction-'' Static came on the loudspeaker. ''Attention mercenaries! Your pitiful lives are not worth saving, so, the first to return with the bounty hunter's crossbow will be granted one reward... life.'' Jake said. You started running. ''Theres' the wolf! get 'em! A mercenary said, they started shooting you you dodged their bullets. The walk-i-talkie came on. ''Storm hunter... I ain't going to make it... please... avenge me... avenge... Jil'Tara!'' Buck said weakly, you heard last breathing and the walk-i-talkie just turned off there. Snakes with clockwork guns fired at you, but nothing stopped you. ''Three minutes until self-destruction.'' The loudspeaker yelled. You were half-way there. Necromancers, ghostblades, imperial mercenaries, black hand mercenaries, neither snake samurai stopped your escape. You were almost there. ''Two minutes until self destruction!'' The loudspeaker said.

You slid down a ramp, and multiple mercenaries were packing at a small door. ''But you have to let us out!'' A black hand mercenary begged. An imperial mercenary growled. ''No! Not until that bounty hunter's cross is... here...'' The imperial saw you. ''Theres your prize! Go get that pest you idiots!'' The imperial mercenary ordered. The black hand mercenaries glanced at you. ''Come on boys! That pup's life is not worth more then ours!'' A black hand mercenary said. You fired diamond darts at one of them, two hit him and he died easily. ''One minute until self destruction!'' The loudspeaker yelled. There was only three black hand mercenaries. You fired zezoms arrows at one, he dodged and fired his gun. You dodged. You fired super darts at one of the black hand mercenaries, several hit him and he was down. You pointed your crossbow at another mercenary and fired a diamond dart. It hit him and he was down. You pointed at the last one and fired a diamond dart. Got him and he fell. The imperial mercenary came out with lava like armor. ''No problem.'' You said to yourself, equipping Nepmoon's pride. The imperial mercenary charged at you, you dodged and fired Nepmoon's pride at him. You went toward the hanger. ''Ten seconds until self destruction.'' ''Oh! That's my queue!'' Jake said. He was near a ship. ''You mean the ten seconds or the bounty hunter here?'' The pilot asked. Jake glanced at you and screamed. ''Drive! DRIVE!'' Jake ordered. The pilot lifted off, you fired diamonds darts at ship, but it got away. ''Blast!'' You jeered. Another ship was being lifted off. You quickly climbed onto it and lifted off.

You were far from the castle, but once you were, the castle just... exploded, it caused a gigantic crater. You checked the walk-i-talkie, nothing... just static. This was just like the last invasion... You checked your crossbow, it was badly scratched. But it should hold...

Chapter 59

   Before - after!

The ship landed, you got out, you were in Jakullie. You saw Jake's ship got on the top of the Jakullie spire. Jakullie was a mess, and it was dawn. Your house was also burnt down, you ran over to Jack's arrow store.

In the store, Jack's corpse was on the ground. ''Dang, they killed Jack...'' You said to yourself. You glanced at the desk. There lied the clockwork battle arrow. You collected it.

Clockwork battle arrow firefight (This arrow pulls anything towards it and explodes if landed on a solid surface, if it lands on a soft surface like skin, it will push everything away and explode!)

You headed over to The Jakullie spire.

Chapter 60

  Dawn of the bounty hunter

You entered the empty spire, all the guards... dead. You walked up to the top floor.

''Soon, the Rapture gang will rise once again! And I'm counting on you, to finish the job...''

''Yes... that pest will not stop us!''

''Go and get 'em! ''Show no mercy!'' Jake yelled. Lieutenant Huigufik went down the stairs. You entered the room. ''So, we meet face to face...'' Huigufik said. ''Yes... We do...'' You replied. The stairs behind you broke. Huigufik pulled out a shotgun. You slid over to a pillar on the left. Huigufik fired, he missed. You fired a clockwork battle arrow at Huigufik, it got him and he exploded. He got up and fired at you. You reloaded the clockwork battle arrow and fired at the ground near Huigufik, it pulled him in and exploded. Huigufik got up slowly. You fired a diamond dart at him and he fell. You walked up to Gilium's desk. ''Come out Jake!'' You called. Jake leaped from the desk, wearing heavy armor. ''That armor isn't going to save you.'' You said, raising your crossbow. ''Neither is yours.'' Jake said, raising a crossbow too. ''Ah, so you're mimicking me?'' You asked. ''Pheonix promised me immortality when I got a certain someone's head...'' Jake said. You growled. Jake equipped Pheonix's pride. You equipped Nepmoon's pride. ''En garde!'' Jake yelled. Jake fired Pheonix's pride at you, it was burning you. You aimed at the floor and fired Nepmoon's pride so you can extinguish yourself. You fired Nepmoon's pride at Jake, it got him and his fur was soaked. Jake tried to reach you put his fur slowed him down. You equipped Clockwork's battle arrow and fired it at Jake. It got Jake, and it pushed everything away, including you, with force. ''Ha! I still win wolf! In the demon lands, I will be granted immortality, no matter life or death!'' Jake yelled. Jake exploded and fell through the window. You heard Jake screaming. You walked over to the window. Jake was hanging a on a giant flag on the spire, it represented that Jakullie was under Rapture gang's control. But Jake was hanging on it. ''Help me...'' Jake begged. You stood there. Jake tore the flag a little bit more. ''Please!'' Jake pleaded. The flag started tearing, and Jake fell. ''Ahhhhhhhhhhh!'' Jake screamed, he fell down, a long way down. The flag drifted down and landed where Jake crashed. You breathed heavily. It was all over... Suddenly, the spire's roof crashed down. You glanced back, the pillars! they exploded! The spire started collapsing, you made a run for it. But it was too late... the spire fell down. And everything grew dark...

Chapter 61

   It has been answered.

You woke up, you were in a cell. You got up and looked around. ''Welcome to the underworld...'' A voice greeted. Hades came from the darkness. ''Oh... hi... I suppose the mark of Pheonix has been answered, no?'' You asked. Hades nodded. ''But, Pheonix wishes to spare you so you can give him his arrow...'' Hades said. ''Really?'' You asked. Hades nodded. ''Your friends... are waiting.'' Hades said. Everything grew bright.

Chapter 62

    Welcome to Jil'Ullie

You woke up, you were in a bed, in a stone house... You got up and stretched. There was fire place, a chest, a bed, and a rug that almost took up the entire house. You peaked inside the chest, there lied your armor, your crossbow, your arrows, and your.... Yullie! 50,000 Yullie. You went outside. 

Once you went outside, wolves, panthers, and snakes cheered. Shaman Hinuget, Demetri, and Phillip were there. ''I was wrong, I thought you were permanently dead, you cheater.'' Demetri said. ''I hope you like that present we left for you.'' Shaman Hinuget said. ''Where are we? This isn't Jil'Tara nor Cobra fang city, and Jakullie is destroyed.'' You said. ''Welcome to Jil'Ullie. Phillip replied.''Yes, it is all over for us... but it ain't for you, you still need to decent into the demon lands.'' Hinuget said.''But how?'' You asked. Hinuget twirled his staff and a portal appeared. ''Good luck.'' Hinuget said. You went into the demon lands.


You walked up to Pheonix. ''Ah... so you're back.'' Pheonix said. You had your crossbow equipped and was holding all of your arrows. ''Here is your arrow.'' You said, handing over the Clockwork battle arrow. Pheonix was astonished. ''Alright, but there is one problem though...'' Pheonix said, smiling. ''And what is that?'' You asked. ''Your ancestors are already free.'' Pheonix replied. ''How?'' You asked. ''We have Lieutenant Huigufik to thank for breaking the prison.'' Pheonix replied. ''Wait... the CROSSBOW was the prison?'' You asked again. Pheonix nodded. ''But... You came this far, I can free your friends under one condition...'' Pheonix said. ''And that is...?'' You asked. Pheonix held out his paw. ''Your crossbow...'' He replied. You glanced at the crossbow. You disarmed the crossbow and gave it to Pheonix. Pheonix smiled, he laid it down and smashed it. Spirits started wandering about. Lok'Bunlo formed next to you, he smiled and nodded at you. You nodded back. Lok'Bunlo vanished and Gillium appeared. You smiled, but he didn't, he approached you and laid a paw on your shoulder, he patted it and vanished. Then buck appeared, he pounded his chest as a salute. You pounded yours. Buck vanished and Jack appeared. He waved at you, you waved back. And he vanished, then the emerald pup along with her dad appeared. You smiled. And they smiled. They disappeared... and no one else appeared. ''Well, off you go...'' Pheonix said. You twirled back at the portal and approached it. The portal disappeared once you were about to step in though... A crossbow made of fire appeared in front of you. ''Another thing wolf, one final test...'' Pheonix said. A ring of fire  surrounded you, and everyone you killed, Zahck, Nella, Vash, Redfang, Sam, Lovefang, Martin, Huigufik, and Jake appeared in front of you. You raised the crossbow. ''Bring it!'' You exclaimed.

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